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What Is The Best Way to Ask for a Review?

 Ratings Help SEO Roofers Website

Positive reviews have a powerful influence on Google search results. The most recent Google ranking algorithm takes into account the customer reviews posted on the Google My Business listing of a company.


So, how do you get good reviews? The first step is to ask for them. Here are some ways to do it:


  1. Ask Social Media Followers to Post a Review on GMB

You just got an enthusiastic comment from a follower on your Facebook or Instagram profile. You should thank your follower and ask them to consider leaving a review on your Google My Business profile, as well. Unfortunately, Google does not index social media comments, so they are not really helpful for roofing SEO.


  1. Ask for a Review after You Complete a Job

The best moment to ask for a review is after you hand over a new and modern roof to a happy client. As they thank you for the great job, tell them that you would appreciate if they shared their experience working with your company on your GMB listing.


  1. Don’t Forget About DIY Customers

Some customers buy roof maintenance and repair products from you for minor jobs they can handle on their own. When you send an message confirming that their order is delivered, you should also include a link to your Google My Business profile and ask for a review of your business.

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Tips for Renovating A Lawn

lawn care tip plant seed mulch weed organic fertilizer soil conditioner

Early fall may be the right time for renovating your lawn. During this time of the year, the soil preserves its warm temperature. This enables fast germination. At the same time, since the air is still cool, it helps the grass grow without drying out.

Apart from the fact that it improves the general appeal of your home, increasing its resale value, a nice looking lawn can help control soil erosion. At the same time, it can help filter pollution and improve the quality of your soil. These are but a few of the reasons why it is always a good idea to renovate your lawn.

First of all, you should decide on the exact type of seed and organic fertilizer you will be using for your lawn. You should always choose the best quality seeds, in order to prevent weeds from developing. Another good idea is to add top soil or leaf compost. Mowing is another major step to be taken while working to renovate your lawn. Restricting foot traffic is yet another very good idea.

In order to keep your lawn in a good state, it may be recommended that you pull out weeds on a regular basis. It is not advisable to apply herbicides, for instance, until the lawn has been mowed for several times.



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Why Should You Sign a 1-Year Contract With an SEO Company?

 SEO roofing contractor marketing content strategy contract

When you are looking to hire an SEO company, you may think that you should start with a trial contract to see if they are any good. However, they suggest a 1-year contract. At this point, you are considering backing off and looking for another company.


Our advice is to accept the contract. Here are the reasons:


  1. Google Does Not Index Websites Immediately

If you are just building a website or redesigning it, the SEO company has to create and submit a sitemap to Google. Then, you have to wait several weeks until the Google bots crawl the entire site and index it. This does not mean that the site is ranked, just that if you specifically look for it, you will find it on Google.


  1. SEO Work Takes Time

Professional SEO companies never promise you to get your site on the first page on Google. They will apply specific strategies that will make your website visible for the right type of users – those who are likely to become your clients. Creating and deploying these strategies is a long term process, which takes months.


  1. Google Algorithms Change, SEO Strategies Need to Adapt

Google is constantly changing the rules for ranking websites. Thus, your SEO company needs to adapt your strategy on the go, sometimes within weeks. You need a dedicated team like, who knows your website and business goal in order to make these changes within such short notice.

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Is the Hail Season the Best Time to Run Digital Ads?

Roofing Hail Season SEO Marketing Target

If you have a roofing company, you might wonder whether you should try to profit from the hail season and start running your digital ads and ramp up with a roofing SEO company to increase clientele. The thing is that hail is indeed the most talked about stressor that homeowners have to face when it comes to protecting and repairing their roofs. So, letting them know that you’re there to help them out will not only provide them with comfort and peace of mind, but also with a fast service they can call upon at a moment’s notice.


The reason why the hail season is so great for promoting yourself is that virtually all attention is on roofing. A lot of people will inspect their roofs or call local roofers to do it for them. Many will also feel like they are too busy to deal with so much stress regarding their roofs, so instead of dealing with it as a DIY project, they will pass any required repair to the fastest roofer who responds to their call.


The hail season is also a good time for marketing because that’s when all the storm chasers come to life. If you want to help your customers out, then it’s basically your duty to compete against storm chasers and show homeowners that they should rather choose a professional and dedicated roofing service that will actually help them out.


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Is It Better to Run a Digital Campaign on Yelp or Google?

Digital Roofing Marketing Online Campaign Strategy

Promoting yourself online can be a great idea. However, you have to know where to promote your company as well. Google and Yelp are actually both great options for being the main target of your marketing campaign. However, if you have to choose only one of them, then that should be Google.


While Yelp is great for reviews, and you should definitely have a profile there with a solid description, not everybody uses it. However, just about everyone who searches for service providers and products online looks for stuff on Google.


Whether you want to target older people who still use their home desktop to look for a contractor, or you have a retail business that targets young adults and teenagers, there’s actually a lot you can gain by focusing your campaign on Google. SEO can help you get organic searches, you can use a pay per click ad campaign to promote yourself in a more targeted fashion, and you can even aim to find more local customers with locally targeted SEO.


Moreover, if you do have a local business, you should know that Google Maps is one of the main ways people look for brick and mortar businesses in their areas. So, again, aiming for Google as the main focus of your online marketing campaign can definitely pay off.  Find some of the best marketing help through

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