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How To Rank Your Roofing Contractor Website

Having a well-design website for your roofing company is an essential step toward business success, but you also need to convince search engines that your website deserves the best ranking. Here are some tips about how to achieve that:

  • Use free tools to appear on local searches – a roofing company is essentially a business that provides services in a specific area, therefore local searches are the most important. Create a local search engine profile for your business – it is free and it will help a lot with the ranking of your website, too;
  • Use the right keywords – knowing how people search for the types of services that you are offering is also very important, so you should familiarize yourself with keyword research tools and you need to include the most popular keywords into your online contents;
  • Reach out to your potential clients through social media – integrating social media presence is another low-cost way to improve the ranking of your roofing website. You can create profiles for your business on various networking platforms, you can create channels for it on video streaming websites – whichever platform you choose, however, there is one thing that is very important and that is continuous activity in the form of new postings and quick responses to the reactions shared by your followers.  Taking the time to do the above will help improve your online presence, however it time is something you do not have, hiring a company for SEO for roofers specifically is something to consider.

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How To Amplify Your Direct Mail

how to promote direct mailings marketing

Content marketing consists of constant actions, which focus on building a company, services or products, visible through the number of references and mentions, due to the creation and constant supply of relevant and valuable content.

From the variety of content marketing strategies, social media networks are still at the top, followed by direct mailing.

Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies for lead generation. The use of marketing automation solutions allows companies to send targeted newsletters and emails to their leads.

To amplify your direct mail you need to focus on creating, publishing and distributing quality content that will interest your target group. This is helpful to increase customer loyalty to your brand, creating lasting relationships with them. The content in email marketing needs to be focused on exchanging valuable information and ensuring a quality UX.

Before creating email marketing content, there are several important things to do:

  • Specify a goal
  • Ensure clear writing and no mistakes
  • Create interesting content
  • Provide a great visual experience

The best way to amplify your direct mail is to run an efficient website of your business, where you will encourage your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list.  Sometimes it’s best to hire roofing SEO services to help promote your business to free up your time to focus on existing and new customers.


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How To Keep Your Crew Safe During Covid-19?

smiling happy employee seo services roofing company

The Coronavirus pandemic has surprised us all, with concerns in absolutely all important areas, which meet basic needs and desires that we used to be accustomed to satisfy very easily.

Now, we are afraid of an unprecedented situation, which we cannot control and to which we do not know how to react. We do not know what the future holds for us and how the things we are used to will change; we are also economically and professionally insecure. Especially in the case of the last aspect, companies such as a roofing SEO company can help their employees in this transition working from home. We are not doctors or epidemiologists, but any representative of a company can contribute to making the best decisions and keep the crew safe.

For example, in order to avoid congestion during rush hours, both from public transport and from the street or other public spaces, it is recommended to reorganize the work schedule, so that some employees travel to work before rush hours, while the others travel after these hours.

Changes can also be made at work: non-urgent internal meetings can be canceled or replaced by video conferencing, the lunch break can become flexible, workspaces can be rearranged to avoid overcrowding, and at least some traveling can be postponed.

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How to Get Your Blogs to Bring in More Leads

roofers leads magnet seo strategy

Getting your blog to increase your leads is an essential part of a successful online marketing campaign and a great benefit for SEO for roofers in general. If you know how to leverage your blogs properly, you’ll find that growing your following, increasing your online recognition and ultimately, boosting your sales, will become very much possible.


  1. Try adding calls to action at the end of all your blog posts. Instead of just creating blog posts with informative content and a subtle link or two here and there, it’s a good idea to boldly call your audience to click on your links and visit your website for benefits that can help them solve problems like the ones you address in your blog posts.
  2. Use polls and analytics to find out which content is more appealing to readers and particularly to past leads. If you can link certain types of content to lead generation, and then make more of that content, then you’ll already have an excellent clue for getting your blog to bring in more leads.
  3. Comment on others’ blogs and forum posts, and include – where possible – links to your blog either in the comments themselves, in your signature or in your profile. You will, of course, have to read each particular forum’s spam rules to avoid getting kicked out. But that shouldn’t take too long, and as long as you abide by the rules, you can become a helpful and influential member of many online communities and social sites, whose blogs and business will be known to help a lot of people.

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Call Tracking Is the Marketing Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

Business roofing contractor marketing solutions

Most companies invest lots of money and energy into designing and running online marketing campaigns and they also use lots of metrics to assess the efficiency of their campaigns. While the measurement tools they use provide a very accurate picture of how much the campaign has achieved, they are not suitable for measuring one thing: the number of new clients that turn to the company’s services and product using phone calls. This means that without including the new customers who have become loyal clients as a result of finding your online ads, but who did not click on your ads and did not visit your website, your assessment of the success of your online ads will never be realistic. Fortunately, you can fill in the gap and improve the accuracy of your metrics with call tracking.

Call tracking software solutions work by assigning unique, trackable phone numbers to each of your marketing channels and your incoming calls to allow you to know exactly which ones of the channels that you use are efficient and which are the ones that you should eliminate from your marketing mix. Advanced call tracking solutions can also help you identify the keywords that drive the highest number of calls, thus helping you design a marketing campaign of maximum efficiency.  Talking with Roofing Contractor Marketing for SEO services is a great place to start.

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