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Why Google Is Important For Today’s Businesses

Roofing Contractor Get Found Search Results

Let’s say you look back with satisfaction: you managed to create a good looking presentation website for your business. In addition, you transmit exactly what you want your customers to understand from your message. But is it enough?

In today`s business world, it is not enough. Even the most comprehensive and professionally looking website can turn to be ineffective if you do not take advantage of it as you should. The goal is to reach the first positions in Google results, with as many pages as possible. You can do this by continuous SEO optimization on and off page, but also through other solutions offered by Google.

Google My Business

Google My Business is very important for any local business including Roofing Contractor Marketing. When someone searches for a location, Google Maps usually appears at the top or to the right of the organic results.

If your business isn’t listed on the map, people will not be able to find you. Listing your business on the map is also indicated so that users can choose you, at the expense of your competition, when they are close to your location and urgently need the services you provide.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is currently one of the most important online advertising tools to bring targeted visitors directly to your site. Google AdWords is the world’s largest online advertising platform. By using it, advertisers attract potential customers to their online business.

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Tips to Drive Visitors to Your Website

website helpful tips roofing contractor tips

The principle objective of any company website is to attract more customers, so here are some great tips about how to drive more traffic to your website in an organic manner that has long-lasting, reliable effects:

  • Use social media – establishing a strong social media presence is a great way to reach out to the members of your target group directly. Create an attractive social media profile for your company and post relevant, shareable content regularly. Also make sure to reply to comments and request sent to you by potential customers in a timely manner – taking too long to reply might ruin your efforts;
  • Don’t neglect on-page SEO – no matter how efficient your strategy to drive traffic to your website from external sources is, if the content of your website is not equally great, your visitors will leave your site very quickly. Start the process by revising your website content to make it relevant and attractive for your visitors, convincing them to stay on your site;
  • Use e-mail marketing – the strategy is not new, but still one of the most efficient tactics available today. Ask for the consent of your visitors to send them marketing content and inform them about your promotions and events via e-mail.  To find marketing help for your company visit

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Tips to Generate Leads from Google

SEO lead generation for roofers

The term lead is used for the people who have expressed some sort of interest in your products or services and are likely to become your customers, therefore your SEO for roofers lead generation is the important task in any online marketing campaign. Here are some efficient tactics to use:

  • Start with your website – your lead generating efforts will attract visitors to your website, but if the content that they find there is not attractive or relevant for them, they will not convert into customers. Revise your website and make any necessary improvements to make sure that your leads will find what they are looking for when they visit your site;
  • Use lead magnets – the term is used for small gifts offered to your visitors if they agree to provide you their e-mail address. The gifts you offer can be free PDF files that provide help for a problem that the members of your target groups are commonly faced with, they can be e-books or reports, but you can also use contests, coupon codes or promotional offers;
  • Use social media – social networking platforms are great for generating organic leads, by attracting visitors who can become your long-terms customers. Be prepared that establishing a really strong social media presence for your company takes plenty of attention and it does not happen overnight either.

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What is a Google Ranking?

SEO Ranking Company

If you have a website, you have surely wondered how Google decides where to display your website on the search engine results page, in other words, how Google awards the ranking that it awards to your website. The short answer is that the process is handled by Google’s algorithms and its PageRank system, an extremely complex and fast-acting system that starts working whenever an internet user enters a search term and that evaluates websites based on numerous criteria related to the search term.

Search queries being, in fact, short texts, one of the methods used by Google to select relevant results to be displayed to the user is through text-matching, that is, the process of finding the web pages that are relevant for the query. The system uses many other criteria to determine the quality of the contents on the websites it finds for the query – the originality of the content, the links pointing toward the website and many other factors are also taken into consideration.

Google’s ranking system uses not only very complex criteria for evaluation, but also lots of IT resources that allows the system to work extremely fast – the search engine will display an extensive list of results almost instantly after the internet user hits enter to start the query.  For a excellent SEO company visit

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Videos vs. Still Images – What Works Best in a Social Media Marketing Campaign?

SEO Roofing Social Media Marketing

One might say we’re in a time of transition. While social media used to rely heavily on photos and text, the world of animation and video has barged in and made its home on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Some social media platforms even include settings to turn automatic video playing on or off, so that those with weaker computer systems can avoid having their browsers freeze up as a result of running too many videos all at once.


Fortunately, this problem is slowly going away, so social media sites are more and more packed with videos, which also gives marketers and business owners a new opportunity to integrate videos to a greater extent into their social media campaigns.


The question is, should you create marketing campaigns focusing mainly on video, or just stick to the old-school approach of high quality still images and catchy phrases?


While videos won’t play equally well on everyone’s computer or phone, they do have a few great assets: even a short video can get the attention of viewers, and provide a lot more information than a simple photograph ever could.


Moreover, a campaign based on video ads and posts will be helpful when it comes to attracting clients, convincing them of the quality of your brand and products, and getting them to click through to your landing page without hesitation.  They are video’s are helpful with roofing SEO marketing tools too.

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