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How To Increase The Number Of Contact Form Submissions On Your Website?

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In case you have invested in your website, you may be interested in finding ways to make it generate more leads. Maybe the contact forms should also raise your attention, just to make sure you are doing the right thing to get the desired submissions, and therefore that you are reaching more customers.

One good strategy is to reduce the number of form fields. In other words, you should try not to request too much information or ask too much of your users’ time to fill in a contact form. The number of fields on a contact form can drastically reduce conversion rates. At the same time, the information included in your form should be relevant for your effort to generate leads.

Moreover, your business necessities should dictate the fields you include on your form. In other words, you could try and see which fields work best for attracting traffic to your website.

Another good idea is to place your contact form in a good location. Ideally, it should be visible and appealing to users. Also, you could include several calls-to-action all throughout your website, which internally link to your contact page. Have a professional SEO roofing company do on page techniques to increase traffic as well.  And in case you decide to include your contact form on some other pages than your contact page, you should place the form lower on the page.

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How A Google My Business Listing Helps Your Roofing Business To Be Found

Find Roofing Business Easily

We are living in a digital era, and we rely on the automatic and online tools offered by present-day technology to improve our businesses, while also promoting them more easily and directly. A roofing business needs both an online, and offline exposure in order to reach more customers and increase their chances to obtain more jobs, and therefore more profit.

Google My Business is a free online tool that many businesses benefit from. At the same time, this platform enables the communication between business owners and their customers, by allowing them to respond to customer reviews, getting an idea about how prospective customers are reaching your business, adding photos, etc. When prospects reach your business, they need to find accurate and updated information.

Of course, you may be wondering where the listing for your roofing business may appear. Well, the fact is your GMB listing can actually appear in several different places. The most common places include the branded searches, in which prospects are looking for the brand’s exact name. Moreover, your GMB can also appear when a prospective client initiates a search on Google Maps.

You need to make sure your GMB listing is getting qualified roofing leads. You need to choose the right category and set your service area properly.  For increased traffic look to

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Top Signs That Your Current Marketing Company Is Actually Failing You

If you have a business that needs to be promoted in a highly specific way or for a targeted demographic or area, you might already have hired a marketing company or a digital marketing professional to get that done for you. Sometimes, however, results are very slow to appear, and you’ll find yourself having to step up and talk to your marketers about the slow progress:


  • SEO does take a while to implement. However, if it’s already been more than 3 months and your business is not getting many more leads than when you started out, then that should act as a red flag showing you that something is seriously wrong. Consider confronting your marketing company about the methods they use to help promote your business and the reasons why results are taking so long to show up.
  • A digital marketing company that doesn’t communicate or fails to explain things in laymen terms is also a problem. Think of the progress you can make if your marketing experts could actually explain the intricacies of what makes your marketing plan better than others and what you can do to adjust your business so that you can get better results.
  • There are also subtler signs that your current marketing company is failing you, such as an inability to think outside the box and to keep up with new changes. A good marketing expert should always be on their toes and willing to tweak and improve the current plan to help their clients get the most out of it.  Find one of the best at

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Should You Still Work on Your Sales and Advertising During the 4th of July?

Contractor Marketing Roofing Companies Advertising Sales

A lot of people prefer to go on a trip or spend time with their family on the 4th of July. So you would expect that not many will be willing to go out and buy something during this time. However, that’s not really reflecting of the reality of what is happening. A lot of homeowners, for instance, look for new homes to purchase during the 4th of July period, because they hope to get a better price. Similarly, there are many who have time off and prefer to spend much of it shopping for gifts and things they need around the house.


If you plan to interrupt your sales and advertising during the 4th of July, you should know that you’ll be passing up a golden opportunity of making a lot of money. Sellers who understand this fact are almost always able to create working deals and great marketing content that will help them sell more and promote their brand names.


As an entrepreneur, you will do well to use the 4th of July to your advantage and bring a smile to the face of many Americans who will appreciate your awesome products and services. So make sure you plan your advertising campaign early on so news of your business will reach even your busiest of clients.  Companies like can keep your advertising going strong.

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What Is The Best Way to Ask for a Review?

 Ratings Help SEO Roofers Website

Positive reviews have a powerful influence on Google search results. The most recent Google ranking algorithm takes into account the customer reviews posted on the Google My Business listing of a company.


So, how do you get good reviews? The first step is to ask for them. Here are some ways to do it:


  1. Ask Social Media Followers to Post a Review on GMB

You just got an enthusiastic comment from a follower on your Facebook or Instagram profile. You should thank your follower and ask them to consider leaving a review on your Google My Business profile, as well. Unfortunately, Google does not index social media comments, so they are not really helpful for roofing SEO.


  1. Ask for a Review after You Complete a Job

The best moment to ask for a review is after you hand over a new and modern roof to a happy client. As they thank you for the great job, tell them that you would appreciate if they shared their experience working with your company on your GMB listing.


  1. Don’t Forget About DIY Customers

Some customers buy roof maintenance and repair products from you for minor jobs they can handle on their own. When you send an message confirming that their order is delivered, you should also include a link to your Google My Business profile and ask for a review of your business.

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