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Can You Control the Profile of the People You Target with Roofing SEO?

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Have you ever wondered why the marketing campaigns for your roofing company do not deliver the results you expected? Wasted money and time? Stop these losses now! Do not waste your resources promoting your products or services to inappropriate customers.

Let’s delve a little deeper into this topic, by exemplifying a real scenario.

Michael owns a store for roofing materials and accessories.

In order to promote his store, he “invested” in marketing campaigns, on a monthly base, targeting men living in the area, aged between 25 and 60 years. Most of the time, however, these “investments” turned into expenses. Marketing campaigns did not work, although his advertising reached a fairly large number of people. This led Michael to believe that the reason these people never became his customers was the products he marketed.

In reality, however, advertising campaigns did not reach the right people.

Not all men living in the store area, aged between 25 and 60, buy roofing materials or accessories, for the simple reason that not all of them are building owners or managers, in charge of installing, repairing and maintaining the roof on a regular basis.

Before practicing any form of marketing, it is necessary to create the portrait of the ideal customer, i.e., buyer persona. In order to be able to target the right people with SEO roofing, you need to know who you are addressing, what the customer’s problems might be and what solutions do you have for those problems. This way, your roofing SEO campaigns will be more efficient.

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