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Can Google Ads Generate a High ROI for Your Roofing Company?

Return On Investment SEO Roofing Strategy



It’s often hard to predict how many leads you’ll get from an ad campaign, and even harder to give an accurate estimate of the returns that you’ll enjoy following the campaign itself. Fortunately, unlike other PPC platforms, Google has comprehensive tools for estimating and tracking your results, and a dependable marketing and advertising expert can tell you with a fair amount of accuracy what to expect.


Whether or not Google Ads can actually generate a good level of ROI for your business will typically depend on a few essential parameters:


  • How much you’re willing to invest in your Google Ads campaign;
  • The demand for your roofing services in the geographic area that you’re targeting – which can be calculated by looking at how much your locally targeted roofing keywords would be worth in a PPC campaign;
  • How much you usually expect to get from an average roofing project.


Although other SEO roofing strategies can also factor in – like how many other roofing companies you might have to compete against and whether or not you have attractive roofing solutions like emergency roofing and long term maintenance deals – the factors listed above will generally be enough to determine whether or not you’ll get enough leads and sales.

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