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What Is the Best Type of Marketing to Be Used During the Holidays?

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As the holidays are approaching, marketing experts are trying to find the ideal way to promote their companies’ wares and services. Conventional marketing seems to be out, as trends point to internet marketing as the new driving force in the world of marketing and advertising in this day and age. With COVID-19 further pushing for online communications and a shortage of cash that has already convinced smaller companies to consider going digital, the stage is set for online marketing to become the main attraction before this year’s holiday season (and possibly 2021 as well).


While email marketing is still going strong, social media and video marketing are rapidly becoming more popular. People are using Facebook ads and sites like Pinterest as their main guides for finding rare offers, and marketers can definitely leverage that trend.


More “traditional” methods such as article marketing, reviews and forums can also be counted, and of course, there is SEO for roofers and other markets. Despite becoming quite complex, organic search engine optimization and PPC still remain some of the top marketing tools for businesses to not only promote themselves but also to gain valuable intelligence about the success of their campaigns and about some of their main competitors as well.

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How Do You Need to Change Your Marketing Efforts During the Holidays?

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When the holidays hit, it’s important to have a proper strategy ready to leverage the masses of people doing shopping for gifts, decorations, equipment and everything else they might need for their parties and holiday celebrations. Depending on what you’re selling, you can make your campaign more customized to target the greater number of potential clients associated to the narrow niche of your trade. However, there are also a few general tips you can use to change your marketing efforts regardless of what your business is about:


  1. Plan ahead and do your research in advance to know how to prepare before the holidays arrive. Ideally, you should already have your marketing materials ready and your marketing campaign started at least about 1-2 weeks before the holidays start.
  2. Play on your strengths. If your products sell frequently, like potato chips or soda, then push for more emotional purchases. If you’re selling vacuum cleaners or other appliances that people don’t buy that often, emphasize their value as one-time gifts made to last. Each of your products and services has such strengths you can leverage effectively during holiday sales.
  3. Use discounts effectively to draw attention to your products and services. Clearance sales, small, 15% or 20% discounts and time-limited “buy one – get one free” offers can all give you an upper hand over your competition during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Is SEO for Roofing Different Than SEO for Other Businesses?

SEO different for roofing businesses

When it comes to roofing, SEO can differ quite a bit, but the basic principle is the same as when search engine optimization methods are used to promote any other service provider. The idea is to help companies rank high for specific phrases and key words that people might be searching for on Google and other search engines when looking for similar contractors.


In the case of roofing companies, there’s a slight difference in how these campaigns handle local searches. They have to be more heavily focused on locally targeted key phrases that include the names of local cities and neighborhoods. Also, it helps to use the phrases that locals use and to utilize content that targets a broad audience in search of specific services that they will only use a few times per year at most.


These variables can make roofing SEO different from the SEO used for most types of businesses, since most people won’t have any need for a roofing service unless they have to handle maintenance work, or if something breaks down.


Of course, the role of SEO in roofers’ marketing campaigns continues to take up an increasingly more important role, as more and more people use computers and mobile devices to search for the best roofing companies in their specific areas.


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How Important Is Your Website When Hiring A Roofing Company

why it matters SEO roofing website

Nowadays, the professional website has a very important role in the development of a roofing business, and here is why:

-The roofing company is gaining credibility
More and more consumers use the internet in search of the products or services they want. If a roofing company owns a website, it will definitely gain credibility, as the website will become its image.

-You have access to up-to-date information
The website of a roofing company should contain relevant and up-to-date information as part of the SEO roofing strategy. In addition to contact details, prospective customers can also find everything they need to know about the provided services, the company’s portfolio, various special promotions and new services. In this context, the website can also be seen as a brochure or as an online catalog, accessible anytime and from anywhere.

As a prospective client, you can visit the website of a roofing company at any time of the day or night, that is, exactly when you can. You can take your time to browse leisurely.

-A roofing company that has a website also has a more efficient service department
You will be able to receive newsletters (in the form of automatic emails), read articles with useful tips, receive loyalty offers etc. Also, many roofing companies offer contact forms that you can use to ask questions, require an estimate etc.

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The Best Way To Respond To Negative Reviews

In today’s online world, many people have developed a healthy skepticism about positive reviews. Instead of reading fake five-star reviews, they focus on discreet or negative ones, hoping to get a more realistic idea of ​​the product or service they are interesting in purchasing. If a company has no negative online reviews, it should automatically be labeled “too good to be true” and not inspire confidence.

In this context, a careful response to a negative review is more than self-defense or reactionism. It is an opportunity for your company to show its personality and care for its customers.

To write a clever answer to a negative review, you need a clear mind. Remember that a negative review reflects only one experience in which expectations were not met. It is just an opinion, not a life sentence. The first thing to do after reading a negative review about your company is to find out what happened. Do real investigations to get a complete picture. Find out if your employees were involved in the scenario and try to see the facts from different points of view.

Write your answer objectively, without anger. At best, you will satisfy the angry customer; in the worst case, you will show other people reading that review that you take criticism seriously.  To obtain quality marketing services look at Roofing Contractor Marketing of Denver for help.

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