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How Does PPC Help the Marketing Strategy of Your Roofing Company?

Growth roofing marketing strategy


PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is among the strongest strategies that can be used for promoting a roofing company. If you own a roofing service and you operate within a specific area, then you might find that people tend to search and find your roofing company exactly when they need it. Most people will not look up your landing page unless they actually want to ask you for advice, to call you over for a roof inspection, or to hire you for a specific job.


The reason PPC advertising is great for a service such as this is it targets keywords people are likely to search for when they are looking to actually hire a reliable roofer, and it places your ads at the top of the search page, even above regular, organic search engine results. So most people who actually want to hire you will likely click right on your ad, since they already know the ad is there to promote an actual service and not a blog post or a social media page.


Still, PPC has to be used carefully, and you’ll need the help of an online marketing professional such as Roofing Contractor Marketing to get it to work properly as part of your strategy. Failing to do so could actually end up making you lose money, since PPC requires that you pay a small amount each time somebody clicks on your ads.

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How To Increase The Number Of Contact Form Submissions On Your Website?

contact form roofing website seo marketing

In case you have invested in your website, you may be interested in finding ways to make it generate more leads. Maybe the contact forms should also raise your attention, just to make sure you are doing the right thing to get the desired submissions, and therefore that you are reaching more customers.

One good strategy is to reduce the number of form fields. In other words, you should try not to request too much information or ask too much of your users’ time to fill in a contact form. The number of fields on a contact form can drastically reduce conversion rates. At the same time, the information included in your form should be relevant for your effort to generate leads.

Moreover, your business necessities should dictate the fields you include on your form. In other words, you could try and see which fields work best for attracting traffic to your website.

Another good idea is to place your contact form in a good location. Ideally, it should be visible and appealing to users. Also, you could include several calls-to-action all throughout your website, which internally link to your contact page. Have a professional SEO roofing company do on page techniques to increase traffic as well.  And in case you decide to include your contact form on some other pages than your contact page, you should place the form lower on the page.

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How Much Does My Website Count To Rank Well On Google?

website design company roofing contractor help

One of the best ways to improve your Google rankings is by on-site SEO. In other words, you can optimize your page in just a few minutes, and can see the first results in a few days. There are many techniques to improve your Google ranking, including the so-called “frontloading”, which refers to the action of placing your keyword right at the beginning of your title tag.

Another important aspect to bear in mind is that you need to have at least 1800 words of content, in order for your website to count to rank well on the online search engines. In fact, larger content certainly has a huge impact for ranking well. What you should definitely do is try to cover mostly anything there is to know about the topic of your business. Another important detail is to use your keyword at least two or three times on a page.

Apparently, the ideal place to use keywords is in the very first 100 words that can be read on your website. If you use keywords much later in your content, Google will not be able to find it too easy, and, therefore, neither your target audience. Each page should have a meta description that is worth clicking.  Look to Roofing Contractor Marketing to get your company ranking and building your business.


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When Should I Consider Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising For My Roofing Business?

PPC Roofing SEO Services Package

In case you want your roofing business to stay on top of the game, perhaps you should consider using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising as part of your roofing SEO services. The main reason why you could consider PPC advertising for your roofing business is in case you need an immediate impact. That is because, usually, other forms of online advertising such as SEO, content marketing or link building can take a lot of time to have a real impact.

Pay Per Click is an advertising tool that helps companies promote their services through paid ads. These advertisements appear on the results of Google searches. Moreover, at the very first glance, they seem no different from organic search results. In fact, their value strongly relies on their ability to resemble organic search results.

There are several ways in which PPC creates leads. The most frequent way is that of a call to action button or link, with a phone number, an address, and so on. Keyword targeting is another strategy by which leads are created. At the same time, the page linked to your ad could encourage visitors to turn into customers.

You could consider this type of advertising for your roofing business in case you want to reach more customers in a shorter period of time.

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Top 3 reasons NOT to do your own Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Top 3 Reasons For SEO Roofing Company

Small and mid-size businesses often find it hard to stay on top. In our present-day reality, it is essential to use online marketing tools and strategies, such as search engine optimization. There are many benefits related to using SEO, among which we could mention: making your business more visible, establishing you as an opinion leader and converting more leads which are actually looking for what you are offering.

There are several good reasons why you should not try to do your own search optimization, and, instead, should rather rely on professionals. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should hire an expert roofing SEO company:

  1. A SEO expert certainly has more knowledge than you in this field. In case you are unfamiliar with the latest trends in SEO, it is counter-productive to gather information on your own. By outsourcing your SEO you can gain time, and thus can focus on things that pertain to your expertise.
  2. You can bring more traffic to your business’ website. SEO experts can specifically target search engines.
  3. SEO professionals are an affordable investment for your business. Attempting to do your own SEO can cost you a lot of money, efforts and important resources.




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