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Do Most Roofers Offer a Dependable Guarantee on Leads?

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When you become a client for a high profile roofing company, it’s important that you can enjoy some form of guarantee that they can provide you with. Before signing anything or even accepting a roof inspection, it is very important to talk to the roofer about your guarantee and make sure that they can deliver consistently.


A roofing guarantee or warranty is designed to provide the client with some form of assurance that the work that’s being done will be performed in a legitimate and standardized way. Although most warranties cannot account for unexpected problems or damage that occurs as a result of a natural calamity (you have insurance for that), they can for example, protect you in the event that your contractor does their job poorly or one of the roofing products was flawed from the start.


Many roofers don’t offer a reliable guarantee, although some do. They are the ones to watch for, as they can provide you with proof of their legitimacy, and they also have everything it takes to tackle most of the more difficult jobs. So make sure that, when you do your research, you look for roofing experts who can offer a guarantee on leads that you can use.  Most roofing companies incorporate offers as part of their roofing SEO tactics to increase their client base, and show appreciation for their customers.

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Should You Sign a Year-Long Contract When You Hire a Marketing Company?

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This is a question that a lot of growing and medium sized businesses struggle with: “should I get a one-year contract with a marketing or SEO roofing team that I trust?” Of course, if you’ve worked with the company before and you have complete trust in them, then it’s basically a no brainer. You can opt to work together with the company for an extended period of time, and chances are that your results will improve the same way as they did in the past.


However, when it’s a company you don’t know, then asking for a one-year contract can be a bit of a red flag. The issue is that they are a largely unknown company (at least to you), so you haven’t gotten a chance to see them in action. Regardless of how many references they have and how much they promise they can do for you, it’s usually a very good idea to not jump right in.


The best course of action in such situations is to sit back and observe. Sign a short term contract, or discuss a single payment for a single marketing campaign. If it is successful, and the company was able to reach the goals that they’ve set out, then you can consider taking it to the next level. However, jumping right in for a year-long contract with a company that you only know through reputation is never a good idea, as it simply involves too many risks.

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How Important Is It to Post Roofing Pictures on Social Media and the GMB?

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Places like Google My Business (GMB) are considered to be great for businesses that want to promote themselves online – especially businesses like roofing companies that need more local clients. These types of businesses will benefit a lot not only from Google’s algorithm and the many ways in which they can bring the information about these businesses to potential clients, but also through the photos they allow you to upload on the platform. In these terms, GMB and social media are both great for promoting a roofing business.


If you are a beginning roofer, or you have an already established contracting company, it’s very important to post photographs of the homes you’ve worked on successfully, your equipment, the processes which your technicians use, the advanced products you offer and even the trucks you use to get around and transport roofing materials to the destination. All of these photos together will paint a detailed and complete picture about your company. They will show your prospects that you are a serious and legitimate roofing professional who can handle even some of the most difficult of jobs. In turn, people will rightfully realize that a business that presents real photos in a transparent way will not attempt to cheat them.  For more SEO solutions for your roofing company look for

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Should You Offer a Coupon When Asking for Reviews?

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If you have a company that you’re promoting online, it’s not uncommon for your clients to write reviews about you even without you asking them. This is a common practice through which many people aim to inform others about their experience and recommend their favorite services and products. However, you might find especially in the beginning, that you don’t have that many customers. Also, those who did choose you might not always be willing to leave a review or comment about your performance.


Depending on what your company does or what you’re selling, one relatively good option as part of SEO for roofers and other companies is to offer a coupon in exchange for a review. This incentive is great for people who are likely to become loyal, long term customers. By providing them with a coupon, you not only get the review as a testament to your company’s dependability, but you might also win over a customer who will return to buy from you.


This process is extremely good for promoting yourself, especially in the beginning. As you continue to expand your horizons and attract more and more clients to write reviews about you, it will become easier and easier to attract interested clients or buyers, and to make sure that your company is well-represented online without even having to spend any extensive added amounts on your marketing and advertising campaigns.

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How Do You Know When Your Marketing Is Not Working for Your Business

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There’s one important word that everyone seeking to promote their business online needs to remember: analytics. When it comes to creating an ad campaign or promoting yourself through anything from social media to SEO, analytics are very important to know how people respond to your campaigns.


While surveys and polls are great too, those methods will only help you check on your online reputation, and they won’t always tell you something relevant about a specific ad campaign or marketing campaign that you tried to use.


On the other hand, with the analytics tools you use on social media, video sites or sites like Google, you can target the specific ads or marketing methods you’ve used on that particular platform. These tools will show you percentages of people who clicked on your ads but then clicked away, how many people saw your posts but just kept scrolling, which social media ads were more popular than all the others, and much more.


If you want to know why your marketing campaign has failed, or why it’s not as successful as you had hoped, then make sure you use the built-in analytics tools on the platforms you have, and also try to get some dedicated analytics software that can help you go even more in depth and make the right changes to your marketing and advertising campaigns.  Looking and retaining roofing SEO services might be a viable option as well.

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