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What Is the Best Way to Respond to Positive and Negative Reviews?

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If you just got on the market as a seller, and you’re promoting an awesome new product, it might be best to consider listening to reviews and constructive criticism from your clients, so you can build some level of rapport and learn about what you could do to bring in more customers and a greater profit.


Of course, as you read through reviews, you’ll notice that there will be at least some negative comments and reviews in the case of even the best products you might have. This is a big issue for many sellers, as they might end up becoming discouraged or even lashing out at their clients.


Now, there might not be much to respond if a person who bought your product had a really bad experience, and all they’re doing is insulting the product and the seller. However, if you do find some constructive criticism, it’s best to respond, and to do it in a polite and receptive way. You can give them some short feedback to let them know you’ve actually read their review, and even ask them to send you an email with additional details, should they choose to.


In the case of positive reviews, you can do the same if there is some small criticism, and you can also consider thanking your customer for taking the time to review your product. You might also want to encourage them to check out some of your other offers, as they might even become some of those loyal customers who will stick with you no matter what.  For effective ways of Marketing, get in contact with a really good roofing SEO company to work through some of these issues.

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Taking Care of Your Marketing Needs: Is Marketing During the Holidays More Expensive?

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During the holidays, a lot of things might be more expensive or more difficult to find than at other times of the year. And it’s true, if you want to hire a marketing firm during Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Easter, it will likely cost you a little more, and you might also find that some of these companies already have their hands full. As such, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and set aside some capital, if you plan to launch an impressive holiday campaign to sell your products or services.


In the long run, however, these holiday campaigns can actually be extremely profitable. If you’re selling a product that is immensely sought after during the holidays, such as props, costumes and decorations, chances are your sales will go up very high even without spending too much on marketing or advertising. So, imagine how much more money you could make by investing a little extra cash in an online marketing firm, which can help promote your products a lot better and cheaper than, for instance, a television advertisement service.


So, even though a good marketing service during the holidays is harder to find and more expensive, it’s also true that it can multiply your earnings quite a bit, so that in the long run, your investment will definitely pay off.  Find one of the best marketing firms around

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How Frequently Should You Ask Customers to Review Your Products or Services?

questions roofing contractor marketing reviews

Reviews can undoubtedly help your business improve its recognition and sales. However, you probably already know that overly aggressive requests for customers to review your products and services will not generally pay off. It’s just like downloading an app on your phone and having a message pop up once every few minutes asking you to like or rate the app in the store. Sooner or later you might even get annoyed enough to uninstall it.


So, how frequently should you ask for reviews? Depending on the products or services you’re selling, that answer can differ greatly, simply because you are catering to a different audience and client base.


With some products, customers are more than happy to provide reviews, as it’s a one time thing, and they get to have their opinion heard on a big store or website. You’ll find a lot of people responding positively to the prospect of reviewing products such as kitchen appliances and electronics, so if you’re a seller of those items, it could be a good idea to remind your customers by email asking them if they’d like to review.


Regardless of the product, however, and even if you have a patient audience that doesn’t mind too much, it’s never a good idea to be too pushy. The best solution is to send a few emails maybe once every week or once every two weeks with additional offers as well as a gentle reminder in case your customer wanted to review their purchase but simply forgot, or in case they didn’t have time the first time around.  Find other ways to reach your customers at Roofing Contractor Marketing.

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What Is the Best Type of Marketing to Be Used During the Holidays?

seo marketing solutions holidays advertising


As the holidays are approaching, marketing experts are trying to find the ideal way to promote their companies’ wares and services. Conventional marketing seems to be out, as trends point to internet marketing as the new driving force in the world of marketing and advertising in this day and age. With COVID-19 further pushing for online communications and a shortage of cash that has already convinced smaller companies to consider going digital, the stage is set for online marketing to become the main attraction before this year’s holiday season (and possibly 2021 as well).


While email marketing is still going strong, social media and video marketing are rapidly becoming more popular. People are using Facebook ads and sites like Pinterest as their main guides for finding rare offers, and marketers can definitely leverage that trend.


More “traditional” methods such as article marketing, reviews and forums can also be counted, and of course, there is SEO for roofers and other markets. Despite becoming quite complex, organic search engine optimization and PPC still remain some of the top marketing tools for businesses to not only promote themselves but also to gain valuable intelligence about the success of their campaigns and about some of their main competitors as well.

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How Do You Need to Change Your Marketing Efforts During the Holidays?

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When the holidays hit, it’s important to have a proper strategy ready to leverage the masses of people doing shopping for gifts, decorations, equipment and everything else they might need for their parties and holiday celebrations. Depending on what you’re selling, you can make your campaign more customized to target the greater number of potential clients associated to the narrow niche of your trade. However, there are also a few general tips you can use to change your marketing efforts regardless of what your business is about:


  1. Plan ahead and do your research in advance to know how to prepare before the holidays arrive. Ideally, you should already have your marketing materials ready and your marketing campaign started at least about 1-2 weeks before the holidays start.
  2. Play on your strengths. If your products sell frequently, like potato chips or soda, then push for more emotional purchases. If you’re selling vacuum cleaners or other appliances that people don’t buy that often, emphasize their value as one-time gifts made to last. Each of your products and services has such strengths you can leverage effectively during holiday sales.
  3. Use discounts effectively to draw attention to your products and services. Clearance sales, small, 15% or 20% discounts and time-limited “buy one – get one free” offers can all give you an upper hand over your competition during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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