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How To Keep Your Crew Safe During Covid-19?

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The Coronavirus pandemic has surprised us all, with concerns in absolutely all important areas, which meet basic needs and desires that we used to be accustomed to satisfy very easily.

Now, we are afraid of an unprecedented situation, which we cannot control and to which we do not know how to react. We do not know what the future holds for us and how the things we are used to will change; we are also economically and professionally insecure. Especially in the case of the last aspect, companies such as a roofing SEO company can help their employees in this transition working from home. We are not doctors or epidemiologists, but any representative of a company can contribute to making the best decisions and keep the crew safe.

For example, in order to avoid congestion during rush hours, both from public transport and from the street or other public spaces, it is recommended to reorganize the work schedule, so that some employees travel to work before rush hours, while the others travel after these hours.

Changes can also be made at work: non-urgent internal meetings can be canceled or replaced by video conferencing, the lunch break can become flexible, workspaces can be rearranged to avoid overcrowding, and at least some traveling can be postponed.

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5 Tips When Canvassing Neighborhoods

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For both experienced and new roofing sales teams, knocking on doors may not be the nicest experience, especially if there is pressure on them to produce results. Canvassing the neighborhood goes hand-in-hand with tracking potential leads and open the gate for new deals, so if you want to be successful, you should keep in mind these following tips:

  1. Clear up information cluttering up your data

Nowadays, technology help us collect most of the information we need, but you must refine the data you are working with, customizing it to your sales style, or encourage a different approach.

  1. Maximize the potential of your sales team

Know your sales people and make sure to assign them tasks that play to the strengths, because this way you maximize their potential and, ultimately, their success.

  1. Make sure your sales people are prepared with all the information needed, before walking up to a house.

Remember that efficiency comes from the work done in a certain amount of time (and we are talking here about quality work!).  Refining the collected information can help you squeeze potential out of your sales people, which will increase the quality of the services your business provides.  To achieve the best SEO roofing results and get leads hire a professional team of people for your marketing needs.

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Generate Your Own Leads Or Pay For Leads

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Basically, anyone who finds out about a product or service that catches their attention is considered a lead. But a lead is not (yet) a customer! A lead is any person who is transformed from a stranger, into a person who knows your business, buys from it, is interested in it and promotes it.

Many people think that the more leads you have, the better, which is true but only to a certain extent, because it is only a general strategy. There are businesses like expensive coaching for which the number of leads does not matter so much; what matters is their quality which translates into higher chances of a lead to become a customer.

Many marketers choose to create their leads in an artificial way, so they often purchase them. But this is not necessarily a good solution! Those people do not represent your audience, and if that didn’t convince you not to go further with the money invested, think that this approach is not too ethical either.

But the lead generation process is a difficult one nowadays, precisely because of the abundance of information, which makes the potential customer to ignore more and more of the advertising messages they are bombarded with. So in order to get leads, you need a well-thought-out strategy from to get you to the potential customer before they already made a purchase decision.

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3 Reasons Why Your Company Might Need Help from a Digital Marketing Team

Magnifying glass Learn More SEO Digital Marketing Roofing Services There are a number of cases when a digital marketing team should be able to help your company out a great deal. Sometimes you might run out of ideas, while other times, you could be tackling a problem that none of your employees assigned to the company’s marketing efforts can handle properly.


Here are 3 times when you definitely want your a team of marketing professionals to get involved:


  1. You’re planning a large marketing campaign. Smaller and more manageable campaigns are easier to deal with, and you won’t need to invest that much into them. But when you’re planning something big, you might want to find a team of experts to be sure that your investment isn’t going to be lost.
  2. You want a new website. If your old website no longer provides you with the digital marketing advantages you hope to gain from a growing online market, a new one might be needed. To get the best website available, and also make it SEO-friendly, you will need the support and roofing SEO services of a reliable digital marketing and web development team.
  3. You’d like to expand to a larger number of digital marketing approaches. If you just managed a newsletter and a social media page thus far, you’ll find a dependable digital marketing team can help you expand a lot more – either through SEO and multiple social media campaigns, or through an enhanced campaign to target local customers in a better way.

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How to Organize Your Content on Social Media and Reach More Clients

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Running a company is not all that easy, and if you have a social media page that you post to on a regular basis, you’ll find that your content can get pretty messy if you haven’t been organizing it properly. Fortunately, there are companies such as Roofing Contractor Marketing and ways to organize your social media content, and you’ll find many social media sites actually have methods to help you do it quite effectively.


One way is to use specially labeled folders or areas for each type of content you post. For instance, Facebook and Pinterest will allow you to do so quite easily, even providing you with the means to separate different media and posts that link to specific websites.


Organizing your content will help you reach more customers as long as you do it intelligently. A great way to ensure that your customers actually click on your content is to use hashtags and special keywords that certain customers will look for. That way you can be sure that when a topic you’ve tweeted about is trending, or when you made a post that included certain keywords, only the right people will find them.


Finally, it’s a good idea to organize the times and dates when you post your content. For that purpose, create most of your posts in advance (except, of course, those that are linked to present day news and events), and post them at regular intervals and at the same time each day or every week. That way, you can condition your followers to establish a habit of looking for your posts at that exact time.

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