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The Importance of Having an Updated Google My Business Account

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Having a business profile is great, but even with a free profile provided by Google, you won’t have much control over the image and marketing performance of your business on the world wide web. The Google My Business tool was developed specifically for that, so you can effectively boost your business profile’s visibility.


As customers and leads engage with your business profile, you can use your My Business tool to engage with them by enabling direct messages and alerts. You can also use the tool to track real time information about your business and find out all the important details that make your business unique and is some of the best SEO for roofers. Additionally, Google My Business enables you to perform locally targeted SEO to ensure that your business can attract more local customers and you can start making a lot of money.


Keeping track of analytics, reviews and vital insight from customers will help your business grow and improve, and your Google My Business profile is the gateway to achieving that outcome. As such, it is extremely important to keep your profile active and use it to engage with your customers, track down reviews and engage as much and as transparently as possible, so you can enhance your business’ ability to keep track of customers’ needs and also improve its online reputation in the long run.

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How Important Are Online Reviews to a Roofing Contractor’s Reputation?

important roofing SEO customer reviews

Reviews can be extremely important for roofers and help with the overall roofing SEO performance, regardless of whether they are established or new on the market. A bad review can easily create distrust and lead clients and prospects to look elsewhere for their roofing needs. As a result, it’s important to run a tight ship when it comes to your marketing campaign, and even use methods that are designed to help improve your online reputation.


Online reviews are designed to present an honest opinion about the service of a company. As a roofer, you will want to benefit from your positive reviews, as they present an honest and trustworthy account from a client about how well you and your workers have done your jobs.


Unfortunately, not all reviews are good, and sometimes a simple mistake and an ill-tempered client can lead to a disastrous review. Although you can’t always prevent such issues, as you can’t force your clients to write good things about you, it’s possible to do damage control.


You can get in touch with that client and offer to help them fix the problem or give them a discount. You can also address similar issues on your social media page and offer to explain what the real issue was – for example, a small mistake by a new employee which would normally not be a big issue for most people, as long as it was remedied. The aim is not to be perfect, but to always try to be honest and give the impression that you will do your best to improve your service. That way, your clients will appreciate your transparency and good will.

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Is Digital Marketing and Google Ads Less Expensive During the Winter?

digital contractor marketing seo roofing company

Digital marketing and Google Ads are typically used by most businesses to get ahead in their online environment and specific niche. Typically low cost, these methods of promoting your business can still hurt your finances if they become more expensive, or if your business is just starting out in earning you some profit.


For digital marketing in general, the issue of whether or not it’s more expensive during the winter can differ from one business to the other. If your business is able to make a lot of money during the winter – for example, by selling more toys and candy – then the relative difference between your profits and the cost of your digital marketing campaign will be significant, and you won’t be losing any money. In fact, digital marketing will help you promote your specific wares at the right time, so your profits may even skyrocket.


With Google Ads, the issue is more complicated, since a Google Ads campaign is pretty unpredictable even at the best of times. The cost of the campaign will not only depend on your business and how much money it could make during the winter, but also on current events and new trends, as well as on unexpected changes in the market that could impact businesses that have already established their Google Ads campaigns and can’t do much to back away and start anew.  For marketing help look to

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5 Things Roofing Companies Can Do to Keep Marketing in the Winter

SEO Marketing Sales Roofers

Are you wondering what you can do during the winter to boost your business and promote yourself? Here are 5 effective methods roofing contractors can use to promote their business and improve their chances of getting clients, even during or right after the winter holidays:


  1. Re-purpose your company for quick, emergency repairs. Wintertime is packed with problems caused by snow and ice, and if you respond quickly to your prospects’ roofing issues, they will definitely thank you for it.
  2. Another thing you can do is add some “holiday spirit” to your marketing campaigns. You can offer competitive prices for roof maintenance and repair, while creating a catchy, Christmas-themed online marketing campaign to reel in new customers.
  3. Create informational videos and advice posts on social media and well-known video sites like YouTube. You can promote yourself and your brand very effectively that way, and once things start moving again, you’ll be the first one that people call.
  4. Renew your website, and hire an SEO for roofers company to help you create an awesome online marketing campaign targeting clients who will need your help right after the holidays.
  5. Set up a roofing blog. These days a lot of people turn to the internet for information, whether because COVID doesn’t give them a choice, or the weather has gotten too cold to go out and talk to an actual roofer. A blog by a reliable local roofing contractor might be just what they were looking for.

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Is It Better to Start Your SEO Campaigns Before or After New Year’s Eve?

Christmas Greeting SEO Campaign Marketing

As another year is coming to an end, lots of business owners wonder about the idea of starting their marketing campaigns at the right time. Of course, holiday campaigns are great, but as more and more people flock to the “best” offers, and the competition between businesses is very fierce, it’s easy to be left out, and sometimes because of bad luck you might lose a lot of money on marketing campaigns that don’t work out at all.  It’s best to look at services from places like Roofing Contractor Marketing of Denver that can run effective campaigns to gain you business.


A better solution is to create marketing campaigns that you can launch right after New Year’s Eve and attract buyers who have been waiting for the discounts and clearances that normally arise at this time. A lot of businesses fail to sell their wares before the holidays are over, and as a result, they might lower their prices a great deal to do so after the new year. Disguised as such a business, your own business can provide a few discounts and use them to attract leads and sell high quality products or services without worrying about the competition.


You’ll find that your New Year marketing campaign can really take off, if you plan it right. You might even be able to continue using it into the first few months of the next year with exceptional success.

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