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How Should You Go About Merging Your Duplicate Social Media Pages?

Merging Roofers Social Media SEO

Depending on the type of social media account you have, merging separate pages for business purposes may be possible. As long as you’re the owner or admin of the social media pages in questions, some platforms will allow you to quickly and easily merge your accounts and add followers from an obsolete page to the one you want to continue using.


Sometimes, merging social media pages is necessary. If the mission and scope of your business changes, for instance, you might want to create an entirely new social media page and scrap all the old content you had on the previous one. To do that, platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn can help you through their customer support. As you request the merge, a representative will analyze your social media pages and help you get the process finished in no time.


Unfortunately, not all social media platforms support this type of change. On Twitter and Instagram, if you want to switch to a new page, you’ll have to set the old one as private, then adjust your bio to redirect people to your new account page, and possibly make announcements on your other platforms or even create a short YouTube video explaining the change and including a link to your new account in the video description.  For some of the best SEO for roofers look to the professionals.

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A Look at SEO and the Ever Changing Google Machine

Steps To Roofing SEO Plan

SEO continues to change as time goes by and the experts at Google keep finding new ways to refine and enhance the search engine algorithm used by the internet giant. While there might be a lot of search engines out there, Google drives basically all the changes on the SEO scene, with many of the others – including other giants, like Bing and Yahoo! – continuing to follow in their footsteps.


The idea behind roofing SEO seems simple at first. It involves a type of intelligent code that allows Google to crawl websites, find content and organize web pages based on their relevance pertaining to specific search results. As the algorithm that is used to rank web pages and place them above each other depending on specific search terms continues to change, a dynamic set of recurring shifts ensues that often turns the entire SEO world upside down.


The moment a major new change is applied to the Google algorithm, such as the first introduction of the content-based changes implemented a few years ago – which practically ended the era of spun, low quality content – everyone has to adapt or go home.


In many cases, you’ll find that keeping close track of what the ever changing “Google machine” is doing can help you get past your competitors and stay ahead in the race to SERP supremacy.

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Why Do Roofers and Roofing Services Need Digital Media?

Digital Marketing Company

You’ll often hear tell of the importance of digital media and how every business owner should consider it for their long term success. It’s true that a lot of people shop online or use the internet to search for the services they need. However, in most cases, you’ll find that brick and mortar businesses tend to avoid the internet, since they believe that online ads and marketing simply does not mix with their line of work, and can’t help them as much as it would help, for example, promote an upcoming video game series.


The problem with this kind of thinking is that it’s simply not conducive to good business practices. As a business owner, you have to look at all the angles, and choose the one that includes the most of the big picture as you can. That means using all the means at your disposal to promote your business and increase sales, despite the fact that it might seem like you don’t need certain methods.


The misconception about digital media and online marketing is that they can’t help brick and mortar business owners such as roofers. This is false, and statistics show that many of those searching for roofing services do so using social media or an online search engine. Under those circumstances, it makes a lot of sense to use digital media to your advantage and build a sound online marketing campaign that targets your local area to find genuinely interested clients for your business.  For superb digital media services, see

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How Can You Promote Your Roofing Company During the Winter Months?

Roofing Company SEO For Roofing

Most people don’t really think about roofing once the winter months arrive, unless they are actually experiencing serious issues such as heavy leaks and built up ice and snow pressing down on their homes and damaging them.


The key to promoting your business during the winter will, therefore, be a much trickier one than you might expect. What you have to do is focus on the perspective of planning, hire a great SEO roofing firm to promote your business. Post on social media and your blogs about the importance of keeping their roofs in good order and clearing off the snow and ice during the wintertime. Also, make sure you mention that they should plan ahead and schedule any roofing tasks they might need help with in advance, since spring is oftentimes the busiest time of the year for roofers. If they don’t move fast, they might fail to even find a roofing service to help them once the weather gets warmer.


By creating a sense of urgency that is actually quite real in terms of planning their roofing goals for the upcoming spring season, you can help people solve their roofing problems much faster, while also dropping hints that your service can provide them with better quality and more advanced solution than anyone else in the industry.

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How Can Targeted Ads Truly Help a Trustworthy Roofing Service

Targeted Marketing Roofing Contractor

So you have a roofing service, and you want to gain the most exposure you can, in order to drive traffic and find clients through online sources. This is a worthy prospect, and it can actually help you get a lot more profit without actually buying expensive ads.


Targeted online ads can do it all better and at a much lower cost than regular ads. All you need is to do some research and figure out the best types of ad templates and keywords to use in order to promote your business. Search engines and social media platforms will use your keywords in order to pair your ads with the right audience, so pay special attention to that. This is especially important since, as a roofer, you will be targeting local customers in particular.


Depending on whether you want to focus on a smaller or larger area, you might find targeted ads to be more or less efficient. Also, considering your demographics can be an essential matter, since it will help you determine exactly what section of the population you will be catering to and how your ads should be designed to approach them. Your best choice in this regard is to contact a dependable local SMM and search engine optimization team such as Roofing Contractor Marketing to help you with your targeted ads.

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