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Why SEO Is More Important Than Ever in The Roofing Industry

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With more and more people searching for roofing services online, implementing a strategy to improve the ranking achieved by roofing websites on search engines has become an essential activity.

The roofing industry is a highly competitive segment, with lots of small and medium companies that provide excellent services, but in lack of huge fund that could be funneled into complex marketing campaigns, these companies struggle to reach out to more clients. And this is when SEO techniques become really important: many of these techniques are free or very low-cost and they can be easily figured out by people with no previous experience in SEO.

Methods such as filling in the company’s profile on search engine tools like Google My Business, researching the most popular keywords and using them on the roofing website, creating profiles for the company on various social networking platforms, implementing a referral program or building a mailing list can be easily performed by the roofing company’s owner with almost instant results. Roofers can also choose to turn to a professional SEO company to design and implement the company’s SEO campaign – the solution does imply certain costs, but the roofing SEO company experts will handle all the tasks related to the campaign, allowing the roofer to focus on the existing clients of the business.

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Why Reviews Are the Razor’s Edge in Decision Making

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Online reviews are crucial for any company, both for marketing purposes as well as for identifying points for improvement. As more and more people use the internet not only for actually ordering their products and services, but for finding out the opinions of others related to the products and services that they need, the internet has also become the network used for evaluations that can make or break a company. Consequently, online reviews are critical for a company’s success, factors that no company can disregard when evaluating their own activities and when implementing marketing campaigns.

In an effort to promote transparency and objectivity, major search engines have made it easy for internet users to rate and to review the companies they have turned to for products and services. As the process of providing a rating has become easier, internet users have become more willing to provide ratings and short reviews, making these reviews and ratings the number one source of information for everyone. This also means that a successful online marketing campaigns can no longer be conducted without having high-quality products and services to rely on – with the increasing number of internet users saying what they think through reviews and ratings, any quality issue will be quickly revealed and might have serious consequences for the marketer’s or service provider’s reputation.  Find more marketing solutions at

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How To Rank Your Roofing Contractor Website

Having a well-design website for your roofing company is an essential step toward business success, but you also need to convince search engines that your website deserves the best ranking. Here are some tips about how to achieve that:

  • Use free tools to appear on local searches – a roofing company is essentially a business that provides services in a specific area, therefore local searches are the most important. Create a local search engine profile for your business – it is free and it will help a lot with the ranking of your website, too;
  • Use the right keywords – knowing how people search for the types of services that you are offering is also very important, so you should familiarize yourself with keyword research tools and you need to include the most popular keywords into your online contents;
  • Reach out to your potential clients through social media – integrating social media presence is another low-cost way to improve the ranking of your roofing website. You can create profiles for your business on various networking platforms, you can create channels for it on video streaming websites – whichever platform you choose, however, there is one thing that is very important and that is continuous activity in the form of new postings and quick responses to the reactions shared by your followers.  Taking the time to do the above will help improve your online presence, however it time is something you do not have, hiring a company for SEO for roofers specifically is something to consider.

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How To Determine Your Digital Marketing Budget To Generate Leads As A Roofing Contractor

SEO Marketing Get More Leads

If you are a roofing contractor looking for more business using online tools, one of the most important things to determine is your budget. If you already have a website that needs some optimization to fare better on search engine results pages, there are many different solutions that you can use – here are some things that you should know about how to budget for them:

  • Free tools – filling your company’s profile for local searches, creating and maintaining social media profiles for your business are energy-intensive activities, but they are free and very efficient, bringing you leads without burdening your budget. If you add these components into your online marketing mix, be prepared that you will need to take permanent care of your profiles – without a continuous presence, your pages might quickly become ineffective;
  • Turning to professionals – hiring an agency to handle your lead-generation campaign for you is another way, but one that will cost you money. The roofing SEO professional that you work with will have a look at the contents on your website and probably suggest some changes to help your site rank higher and will also develop and implement a professionally designed SEO campaign for you. The costs of that campaign depend on the complexity of the project, on how costly the individual components are as well as on the duration of your campaign.

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What Are the Most Important Social Sites for A Roofing Contractor?

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Using social media platforms for reaching out to potential clients is one of the best decisions that you can make as a roofing contractor, especially if your business is an up and coming one that needs more clients. However, being present on all major platforms would be way too demanding and time-consuming, so choosing the most efficient platforms, the sites that can bring you the leads that you need is very important. Here are some of our top picks:

  • Facebook – the platform has an immense reach and today, every company wants to be present on it. Creating a Facebook profile for your company is easy, the type of contents that you can publish is varied and whatever the composition of your targeted audience, they are likely to be on Facebook, so the platform should be among your top picks;
  • LinkedIn – the platform is mainly for professionals looking for ways to connect with other professionals, but it is also an efficient tool for connecting with clients as well, so you should use it, too.
  • Twitter and Pinterest – these platforms are also very popular, for companies and individuals as well, so your presence on these sites will also bring you valuable leads for sure.

Along with the above techniques implementing quality SEO for roofers can help your business flourish.

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