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Google Reviews and Why They Matter

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Google Reviews is an integrated feature of Google Maps and Google My Business to allow internet users to publish their reviews of local businesses, telling about their experiences of using the products or services offered by the local business reviewed. The reviews received by your business will often be the first source of information for your potential new customers, so here is how and why your Google reviews are important for the success of your business:

  • Good reviews will improve your ranking on the search engine and help with the overall roofing SEO outcome – your Goggle reviews will have an impact on your website’s local search engine ranking, good rankings increasing your site’s exposure and visibility;
  • Good reviews increase trust toward your business – certain audiences consider online reviews to be more trustworthy and more relevant than recommendations from friends and family members, so they will probably choose businesses that get good reviews on the search engine;
  • Good reviews will encourage the decision to purchase your products and to use your services – many people looking for products or services online already have preferences, so what they need is help with the decision to choose between two or three products. These people will strongly rely on Google reviews, choosing the business that gets better reviews.

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Tips for Communicating Your Business FAQs With Your Customers

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Many businesses consider the FAQ page on their website to be just a page that reduces the workload of their customer support team by answering a couple of questions, but your FAQ page should be much more than that. FAQ pages are great tools for guiding your customers through the entire process of using your services or of buying your products and an excellent tool to build customer loyalty. Here is how to use it right:

  • Use easy to understand, conversational language – try to avoid dry, official language and formulate questions and answers the way you would expect to hear them when your customers are looking for help;
  • Pay attention to the basics – not all your customers are tech-savvy people, so make sure to provide efficient, easy to understand guidance for the entire process of using your website, from signing up to checking out after the purchase;
  • Create a FAQ page that is easy to navigate – organize the questions into topics and categories to make information easy to find for your customers. Make the page easier to use by organizing topics and subtopics horizontally, rather than vertically, that way you can spare your prospective customers from having to scroll down long lists.  Find more ways to be found by customers at

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How Digital Ads Can Drive Local Business

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As an advertiser, the two major advertising solutions that you have are traditional advertising and digital strategies to improve your overall SEO roofing marketing techniques. Here are the benefits of the latter solution:

  • Cost efficiency – this aspect is important for companies of any size, for large corporations as well as for small, local firms on a tight budget. Digital advertising offers lots of affordable solutions and there are tools that can be used for free;
  • Maximizing your reach easily – sharing information is another one of the features that make digital ads so efficient. If you create a great ad, it will be shared by lots of internet users and it can go viral overnight;
  • You can speak to your targeted audience directly – you can use social media platforms to target your ads toward your specific target audience;
  • Complete control over the process – with digital advertising, you have access to important metrics that you can use to monitor how successful your ads are. The feature allows you to identify successful and unsuccessful campaign elements, so you can customize and adjust your campaign any time you want. The analytical tools will also provide valuable information about the internet users who interact with your ads, allowing you to adjust the description of your ideal audience as well.

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SEO Keywords and How They Work

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SEO keywords are the words and phrases used in your online contents that help internet users find your website when they are looking for the type of information, products and services that you provide. SEO stands for search engine optimization, the process of identifying the keywords that internet users enter into their browser to find products and services like yours and telling the search engine that you are using those keywords.

The SEO process should start with hiring Roofing Contractor Marketing of Denver to identify the most efficient keywords to be added to your digital contents – there are numerous digital tools that you can use to select the right terms. When you have a set of great keywords, you can start creating informative, relevant and original content around them, then you should continue by publishing the content that you have created on your website and on other platforms of choice, such as article websites and social media. The next phase is keyword indexing – the process of tagging your keywords to tell search engines that you are using those terms. When an internet user enters a search term into a browser, the search engine will return a list of webpages considered a match for the user’s search, one of the most important criteria used by the search engine to rank the results pages being the presence of the right keywords in the website’s content.

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Do I Really Need to Hire A Web Designer?

Time For Something New SEO Services Roofing Website Designer

There are two options to create and to launch a website: hiring a website designer and creating your own site with the help of a website builder tool. Both approaches have distinct benefits, so the key to the good decision is knowing what the two solutions have to offer. Here are some thoughts:

  • The budget – even the website designers who work for affordable rates are more expensive than a subscription to an online designer tool. Many people who need a website make the mistake of hiring a friend or a neighbor or a cousin who says that they will design the website for a couple of hundred dollars – those people might be well-intentioned, but they surely lack the knowledge and the experience needed to design a really good website, so you will be surely better off trying a site building tool;
  • Complexity – website building tools are for creating relatively small, conventional sites that work seamlessly. If you want or need a website that is very complex, full of special functionalities, you definitely need to hire roofing SEO services and a website designer.

It might seem like a paradox, but the best way to decide whether you need a website designer is try your hand first. Just subscribe to a designer tool and try to create your website – if you are not happy with the results, you can still hire a professional, at least you will know the pitfalls.

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