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What Are the Main Benefits for Having an Active Social Media Account for a Roofing Company?

SEO Main Reason For Roofers

If you own a roofing business, you simply can’t disassociate yourself from the online social scene. Even if you are already using an SEO strategy and you’re getting leads from PPC marketing, there’s no real substitute for social media marketing, and there are many good reasons for that:


  • First of all, we have to point out the fact that social media marketing works very well for local services. If you want to target local customers, therefore, you’ll be better off answering questions from homeowners and business owners in your area who message you on Facebook or Twitter, rather than using a one-way marketing method.
  • Social marketing makes you approachable. That means people will see you as a real person, rather than just thinking of you as “that roofer from downtown.” Trust is built as a foundation for the final step your prospects make towards becoming your customers, and you may even find clients who just keep coming back.
  • Finally, social media marketing opens up a lot of exciting SEO for roofers opportunities for you. You can promote yourself in unique ways, present helpful and practical solutions for people to use as part of DIY roofing, and establish yourself as an expert in roofing in your area.

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3 Essential Questions to Ask a Roofing Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Roofing Company SEO Advertising

If you’re interested in promoting your roofing business, it’s essential that you hire the right company like Roofing Contractor Marketing to help you do so. Roofing companies are often in fierce competition with each other, especially in larger cities and in periods when not many people are looking to upgrade, repair or replace their roofs.


Before hiring a marketing agency and spending money on SEO and marketing materials for your roofing business, consider asking them these three important questions:


  1. How long have they been working with roofers? Experience is very important in this line of work, since it will lead the SEO or marketing agency to make better choices on matters that are seemingly unclear. When trying to make an inspired choice as part of your marketing campaign, this measure is very essential to take into account.
  2. Ask them about the actual strategies that they employ. You should be able to see a pattern where they’d work on integrating various marketing methods and using the practical advantages of your business to promote it and attract the right demographics of people.
  3. What are some of the websites of past clients that they have previously worked for? The clearest evidence of the fact that a roofing marketing agency offers high quality marketing solutions is that they have past clients who have become very successful with their assistance.

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What Is Pay Per Click and How Can It Best Be Used for Promoting a Roofing Company?

seo roofing marketing pay per click

Are you looking to promote your business in the best way possible? If you’re a roofing contractor, this can be done in a variety of means. You can approach it through organic SEO roofing strategies or social media marketing targeting local demographics. You can also employ the use of social media ads or email marketing campaigns for a more direct approach. However, many experts believe that PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is actually one of the best means of not only showing your business off to the right prospects, but also turning those prospects into actual customers.


Here’s how it works: you choose a set of keywords, and you use them as anchors for your PPC links. Every time somebody clicks on those links, you will be charged a small fee based on the popularity of the keyword and certain other parameters. Your PPC ads will be displayed above organic searches in search engines related to the keywords in question, so you’ll know that people will see your business listed there even if they don’t scroll down the page.


Although the cost of a PPC campaign can reach higher values at times, it’s also a great asset since it can target anyone who is searching for a local roofing service and doesn’t have time to scroll through the organic search results. As such, your business is likely to actually attract homeowners and business owners who are in urgent search for the best local roofing contractors.

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What Is Included in an SEO Marketing Package for a Roofing Business?

RCM SEO Marketing Plus


An SEO campaign for a roofing company has to focus, by definition, on the local market. As such, in order to be successful with your search engine optimization campaign, make sure that the experts you hire will have the following points covered as they begin to talk to you about your online marketing strategy:


  • A roofing SEO package should first of all include targeted local SEO measures and methods that will put you on the map – both figuratively and literally. Maps and local online directories are actually some of the best places to start submitting your SEO-optimized descriptions to start attracting leads.
  • A detailed keyword research and implementation campaign combined with locally targeted SEO content should also be included. Online articles and blog posts, as well as image ALT tags and other forms of online content have to be published, promoted and embedded with the right locally targeted keywords and key phrases, so your business can rank high in searches related to your local area.
  • The focus of a roofing-relates SEO business package should include an integration strategy to combine the SEO campaign with social media and email campaigns as well as coordinating it with offline marketing methods such as the use of fliers and business cards.  For more on SEO Marketing look at Https://

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How Do You Pick the Right SEO Company for Promoting Your Business in Denver?

We Make It Easy SEO Company Marketing Roofing

Using the right marketing solutions for your Denver CO business can be difficult. If you plan to promote your business in an effective way, you have to make sure that your SEO plan is covered. For that purpose, it might be counterproductive to work on SEO yourself or to assign your employees to do it. First, you might not have enough experience or knowledge to get it done properly, and second, it will be a huge waste of time and resources that would be better spent on activities actually related to your business plan.


Picking the right SEO company is, therefore, of mandatory importance. For that purpose, you have to make sure that:


  1. You have a clear picture of your goals.
  2. You aim to hire only the best SEO services providing locally targeted campaigns for Denver.
  3. You choose a business that has had previous experience creating SEO strategies for companies within the same niche as yours.
  4. You check their past work and do a background check on them – including viewing and reading relevant reviews and complaints associated with their services.
  5. You compare their services and rates with that of another local roofing SEO company to make sure that you don’t overspend and that you’re actually getting your money’s worth.

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