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How Roofing Marketing Can Target Customers Specifically Looking for a Roofer

roofing contractor marketing increase client base


Promoting your roofing service might seem like an easy task. However, with the new technology available to roofing companies in your area, and with the growing number of roofers promoting themselves, the competition itself can make things very difficult, to say the least. Fortunately, the same tools available to them can also be used by you to boost your online recognition, find new clients, increase your branding exposure and ultimately grow your profits to an impressive extent.


Of course, online marketing from Roofing Contractor Marketing can help you drive traffic to your website or social media page, and it can assist you in getting more well-known. But how can advanced roofing marketing help you target specifically the people in your area that are most likely to search for your service?


Local roofing SEO combined with PPC and Google My Business Optimization, as well as with the use of social media marketing, can offer a definite answer to that question. PPC is an excellent tool for targeting specific local keywords used by people to search for roofing services, and local organic SEO targets organic searches and mobile searches linked to specific keywords, such as “[your location] roofing services.”


By targeting these keywords through content marketing, social media hashtags and Google My Business optimization for local ranking, you can effectively build a local following that rivals that of even the most well-established and popular roofing services in your area.

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Unique Roofing SEO Solutions for Dealing with Competing Services

SEO Roofing Search Engine Optimization



As you try to promote a new roofing service, your competition often becomes your main threat. Roofing marketing and roofing SEO has to be used responsibly to ensure that you come out on top, and for that reason it’s essential to employ the most advanced SEO methods that are uniquely suited to promoting your service.


Roofing companies are typically good at promoting themselves through their hard work and impressive services. However, when you’re going up against companies that also use roofing SEO effectively, you might be at a disadvantage.


Social media marketing combined with organic SEO tactics based on blogging and content marketing should be your main focus. While using locally targeted SEO keywords that allow you to define your own niche with laser accuracy, you’ll find that you can target local and mobile searches more efficiently than your competition.


Of course, in order to get the best possible results, you might have to hire a proficient SEO company to help you out. In fact, the service you hire should specialize in local SEO and roofing marketing, and they should have at least some good years of experience in helping roofers like you to succeed. Once you can work together with the best local marketing company for roofers, you’ll find that your success will increase greatly, along with the number of new customers you get each month.

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The Features You Need with Your Roofing Marketing Campaign

Features SEO Roofers Need

If you are the proud owner of a small roofing business that you want to promote, one of the best things that you can do is to launch a specialized roofing marketing campaign. Here are some of the SEO for roofers features that you will need your campaign to have:

  • Efficiency – the smaller the business that you want to promote, the more important it is to use tools that are really efficient. Fortunately, there are quite a few tools that fit the bill, such as Google My Business and social media profiles.
  • Establishing a strong connection with the target audience – roofing is a business based on trust, a business in which reputation is everything. This means that a good roofer is not only someone respected for their expertise, but also someone who is considered to be friendly and helpful. The best way to achieve all that is through the right selection of social media platforms. Communication through those platforms is usually very affordable for small businesses and it gives the promoted business the benefit of being able to reach out directly to the members of their target audience.
  • Highlighting unique features – the ability to use a special technology or experience in handling a particular type of material are all valuable features that need to be highlighted in roofing marketing campaign. There are many ways to do that, from publishing the right selection of images on the company’s website to pointing out those highlights on social media.


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What Makes Roofing Marketing Special?

what makes roofing contractors marketing specialsRoofing marketing is the process of promoting a roofing business with the help of various methods. While in the past, the term was used to refer to a collection of digital and traditional, paper-based methods, very few roofers today use paper-based advertising, most contractors focusing their efforts exclusively on digital tools. Here are some features that make these roofing marketing campaigns special:

  • The aspect of seasonality – roofing services are readily offered the year around, but the peak period for roofers is from spring to around the middle of fall. This means that roofers either launch intensive campaigns during that peak period to attract customers they prepare for that peak period launching campaigns in winter, to make sure that they are fully booked for the hot months.
  • Budget constraints – most roofers are one-man shows or businesses that work with small teams and they are usually on a shoe-string budget as well. This means that an efficient roofing marketing campaign should be one that is very efficient, but that can deliver that expected efficiency with very low costs. Fortunately, there are many great methods to achieve that, the best options being a campaign that has a Google My Business element as well as a strong presence on a variety of social media platforms.  Get some of the best roofing marketing in town at https://www.roofingcontractormarketing.com/.


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How to Use Social Media Marketing to Promote Your Roofing Business?

How To Improve Roofing Marketing SEO Efforts

If you are the owner of a roofing company and you are currently trying to figure out how you could get more clients, harnessing the benefits of online marketing is an excellent idea. One of the most popular digital advertising methods today is to use the power of social media – here is how you can use social networking platforms to maximize the impact of your SEO roofing marketing efforts:

  • Create attractive profiles – try to figure out which social media platforms are the most commonly used by the members of your target audience and create profiles for your business on those platforms. Try to make those profiles professional and friendly at the same time – that is the best combination to use if you want to reach out to a wide and varied target group.
  • Establish yourself as a business that considers helpfulness important – try to create posts that help your community solve the most common issues in your field of expertise. You can provide how-to videos, host question and answer sessions or just take the time to answer the questions posted by your potential clients.
  • Understand the importance of being present – social media advertising is affordable, but it will require your permanent attention, you need to be prepared for that.



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