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Is Your Website the Tortoise or the Hare? Page speed affects your ranking!

People are impatient. That should come as no surprise to roofing company owners who have to deal with clients that always want work done faster. What might surprise you is that speed is important to your website too. Not only will people leave your site if it takes to long to load it will also affect your rank with Google.

That’s right. Google is grading your website’s speed right now. If it thinks your website isn’t loading quickly but your competition’s site is you might be getting penalized and showing up lower than your competition.

The need for speed: Google dedicates engineering team to accelerate development of WordPress ecosystem

Speed, mobile-first and WordPress

Google has been focusing on speed, speed, and then also speed, for eight years now. It formally announced a Speed Update that will roll out in July 2018, using mobile page speed as a ranking factor in mobile search results.

It has also announced that the mobile-first index has begun rolling out — meaning that Google has started indexing and using for ranking in SERPs, the mobile version of a website. The emphasis on mobile and speed is driven by data that demonstrates most searches are now performed on mobile devices. Slow, poorly performing sites result in a bad user experience and negatively impact site engagement, as well as conversions.

With the goal of assisting site owners in improving page load time for mobile visitors, Google launched the AMP project in 2015. Google has been aggressive in pushing adoption via the open-source community, working with platform plugin developers as well as providing large brand sites with developer resources to implement the technology. Even so, adoption of this mobile-friendly framework across the web has been slow: It’s estimated that fewer than .1 percent of all websites are using the markup language.
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Speed is only one of the factors that Google uses to rank websites but it is an important one and it is only going to become more important. You can find out right now how your website is ranking with a FREE SEO Analysis from Roofing Contractor Marketing. See how you stack up against your competition and what you can do to beat them now!


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Facebook Algorithm is Changing Is Your Roofing Company Prepared?

In the digital marketing world, everything is changing all the time. Technologies are always advancing, new channels are forming, and old ones are adapting. It is a world that looks very different month-to-month. One of the largest driving forces of change is when Google or Facebook makes a change to their internal algorithms.

These algorithms determine what search results come up when you do a search on Google and what content is displayed in your news feed on Facebook. From a marketing standpoint these algorithms are in control of who sees your messaging and how frequently. If you want your business to succeed you need a digital marketing strategy that is prepared for the next change and is looking forward and planning for tomorrow.

When Google makes a change to their algorithm will your roofing company still get found on Google’s search engine results page? Is your roofing companies social media strategy still going to be effective when Facebook starts limiting content from publishers?

At Roofing Contractor Marketing our team is always preparing for the next algorithm change and adapting your digital marketing strategy to fit it. Here are a few of the ways we are keeping roofing companies relevant in social media.


Sharing on social in the wake of Facebook’s recent algorithm update: what you need to know

What is the latest Facebook algorithm update?

This latest algorithm update reduces the number of posts from business pages, publishers and news sites in a user’s newsfeed. Instead, content that is sparking engagement and conversation from people’s Facebook connections will be prioritized.

Think strategically to expand your reach

Know your audience

I teach marketing to small business owners on my Facebook page, and I run a group for those who want to learn how to market their business because they can’t afford to hire a professional marketer yet.

Understand their needs

In that group, I ran a poll to see what their biggest questions about marketing were. I asked them about their businesses because I want to get to know them and be able to help them.

Use that information to shape your strategy

  • I’ve used the data from my polls and comments in the group to generate content ideas for both the business Facebook page and group. By doing this, I know I’m giving my audience exactly what they need from me, and in return, they engage.
  • New people have liked the page because they saw a friend’s comment on my live video show up in their News Feed. People have tagged friends in the comments because they thought what I was teaching would be helpful.
  • When I’m sharing examples in my training, I try to tailor them to some of my group members. If I know there’s an example that would work exceptionally well for someone, I’ll share it with the audience.

Take organic performance up a notch

When I have an organic post that is getting significant engagement, I spend a little money on ads to expand my reach. It’s worth it to me because I know it’s something my audience is interested in and it’s being seen because they’re engaging. I’ll create an ad from the Facebook Live video and spend $5 to $10 a day on ads to share it with a targeted audience. Using this strategy has resulted in up to a 5,000 percent reach on some of my training videos.

Since the reach of blog posts is lower, I’m starting to use some ads to support those as well, so they continue to get read by my audience.

What should your Facebook strategy look like for content?

If you haven’t incorporated video yet, it’s past time. Video is the format that converts the most on social media channels right now. Facebook, in particular, is favoring live video in its algorithm. In my testing, I’ve seen a 30 percent to 50 percent increase in reach for live video vs. prerecorded and edited video.

If I were trying to figure out what to do with my business page in the wake of this update, here’s what I’d do (It’s pretty much what I’m already doing).

  1. Poll the audience to find out what they’re interested in, have questions about or want to know.
  2. Create content that addresses their issues.
  3. Test which format of content works the best for your audience. Try updates, prerecorded video, live video, GIFs and whatever other types of content you have in your mix. Test and measure the effectiveness of everything you do.
  4. Create ads out of the best-performing posts or videos.
  5. Support your blog posts and content with Facebook Ads for expanded reach.

Stay strategic and focus on your audience, and your business page will survive this algorithm update.
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Are you unsure if your roofing company is prepared for the algorithm updates? Get a free, no-obligation analysis of your digital marketing.

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How Algorithms are Affecting Your Bottom Line

Google's algorithms are deciding if people can find your roofing company's website.

Google and Facebook algorithms determine whether your business is easy to find online or lost in the internet abyss and that can affect your bottom line.

If you are a business owner in 2018 chances are your business is in some way represented online—whether it’s your website, a Facebook page, or a listing on Yelp. The digital era has captured us with a simple way of connecting people but also left us vulnerable to the powers that control it. Algorithms. 

Google and Facebook have the power to get your business in front of millions of people but they also have the power to make sure that no one online ever comes across your business. Their algorithms are the final judge.

It might seem unfair for Google and Facebook to have this kind of power but with nearly 5 billion web pages on the internet and the internet growing exponentially there needs to be a way for users to sort through all of the data. These algorithms help you connect to things that are actually relevant to what you are looking for.

Everyone loves a good cat video but if you typed, “roofing contractor near me” into Google and all that came back in the results were cat videos you would probably not use it to search for things much longer. So it is in Google’s best interest to provide its users with the most relevant content.

As technology has advanced, these algorithms have become more adept at producing exactly the content searchers are looking for. The flip-side of this is that means these algorithms are always changing. Which can be costly for business who are trying to get their site to people who are looking for them.

A business might be easy to find online one day but lost in the internet abyss the next. These changes might seem drastic but big business who have been penalized by Google algorithms have lost substantial amounts of web traffic.

While some companies try and beat the algorithms and may have temporary success, playing by the rules and staying on top of algorithm updates is the best way to ensure lasting success for your business.

Don’t let your website get lost in the internet abyss. If you are a roofing company owner who is looking for SEO that will bring lasting success with Google and Facebook’s algorithms, we can help your business succeed.

Are you getting found on Google right now? What do people have to search for to find your business online? Will potential clients be able to find you online tomorrow? Get answers to these questions with a FREE SEO Analysis now. Don’t leave your bottom line up to the will of algorithm changes, call us today.

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Writing Great Ad Copy for Roofing Contractors

A successful digital marketing campaign gets your roofing company in front of people who need a new roof and compels them to contact you. One of the most effective ways to do that is through Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. At Roofing Contractor Marketing, we have an in-depth understanding of the roofing industry that helps us to craft the best ads for your business.

While understanding the industry is an important part of creating ads there is much more to it. A great ad will grab the audience’s attention. It should be short enough that the audience doesn’t get bored and long enough that it gets your message across. It has to compel the reader to take an action.

Creating the best ads requires testing and tweaking to determine which ads are performing the best and how to build on that. We have a team of experts creating and testing your ads to drive leads to your site. Check out some of the pro tips from SearchEngineLand that our experts use to make your digital marketing campaign great.

15 PPC pro tips for writing text ads

PPC Ads for Roofing companies

Get into the mind of the target audience

Before you start writing, you want to understand things from the target audience’s perspective. What problems are they experiencing? What are their pain points? How does this product or service solve their problems? What questions might they have about your product?

The answers to these questions will help direct your ad messaging.

Make it about your audience, not you

Following on the above point, make your ad copy about your audience, not you. In other words, you want to use (or imply) the word “you” more than “us” or “ours.”

For example, look at these two headlines:

  • “XYZ Helicopter Tours – Fly Over the Las Vegas Strip”
  • “XYZ Helicopter Tours – We Fly Over the Las Vegas Strip”

The difference is subtle, but ultimately the first one is better than the second because you’re making the searcher the subject (rather than yourself).


Include a call to action

Somewhere in your ad copy, you need to tell visitors what to do, such as “Buy now,” “View now,” “Shop now,” “Learn more” or “Request a quote.”

Make sure your call to action is strong and clear. Use an action verb and include any (legitimate) time constraints, e.g., “Shop today! Sale ends Monday.”
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Our experience working with roofing companies all over the country helps us better understand your needs and how to create ads that will bring you leads! Take your roofing company to the next level with a FREE Internet Marketing Audit and see how you can start getting more leads with a full-service digital marketing strategy from Roofing Contractor Marketing.Click Here for Roofing PPC


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Your Reputation Precedes You

Roofing company owners have always been aware of how important having a good reputation is. From getting referrals to word-of-mouth of a job well done, it isn’t surprising that having a great reputation can help a business succeed while a bad reputation can cause it to fail. In today’s digital world, the importance of a good reputation is even more critical. Word-of-mouth has changed to checking reviews and is as simple as pulling out a cell phone. Your prospective clients are looking at your ratings on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. They are using those little gold stars to decide if your company is the one they trust.

Empowered consumers are searching for the best and worst brands before they buy

With mobile devices, people are searching in real time for negative experiences to make decisions.

The best experiences and the worst experiences are oftentimes so compelling that we can’t help but share them. That’s nothing new. We’ve all heard the saying that a happy customer tells one person while an unhappy customer tells anyone who will listen. It’s partly cathartic. It’s also a way of helping save others from similar experiences.

In a social, mobile, real-time world, shared experiences only become more potent. The question is, when someone picks up their mobile device in a micro-moment to search, on which side of those experiences does your brand reside? And how are your marketing efforts promoting positive experiences for customers to discover?

Mobile devices have created a new generation of super-empowered consumers. They’re connected, informed and sophisticated. These consumers are also more impatient, demanding and curious. They’re increasingly improving how to seek what’s best for them and also what to avoid. They have access to platforms where shared experiences can reach hundreds or even thousands of people, for better or for worse.

Google, for example, found that mobile searches that include “best” have grown over 80 percent in the last two years. At the same time, searches ending with “to avoid” have grown 1.5x in the same span, and searches for “worst” are also on the rise.

“Is ____ worth it,” another key mobile search phrase becoming increasingly popular, also grew over 80 percent. And Google isn’t the only place people search. YouTube has long been touted as a secondary search engine. For instance, users’ watch time of “does it work” videos grew by more than 11x in the past two years, according to Google.

Consumers are also seeking visual proof that the items they’re considering will meet their needs and that they will deliver desired value. And these searches span the spectrum of high- and low-consideration purchases in nearly every industry.

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Roofing company owners work hard to provide superior customer service but that isn’t always enough. Happy clients don’t always leave reviews and sometimes you get clients that will be unhappy no matter what you do. Reputation Management from Roofing Contractor Marketing is one of the best ways to protect your business and keep your reputation safe.

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