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What Is Local SEO?

Local Roofing SEO Company Strategy

If search engine optimization in general is about how to make your website rank better on search engine results pages, local SEO is about how to make your website obtain better results for the searches entered by your local audience. The difference might seem small, but it is, in fact, huge – businesses that sell locally or provide services in a specific geographic area would waste time, money and energy trying to improve their rankings at a global level, but with the right strategy from a local roofing SEO company, they can direct all their efforts towards engaging with their local audience. Here is how to make it happen:

  • Make cross-references – word-of-mouth is still a powerful advertising tool in smaller communities, so don’t rely solely on your website and on your social media profiles. Telling people about your website, displaying your online availability on your printed marketing materials contributes immensely to the success of your local SEO;
  • Create suitable website design – availability is key when you do local SEO, so make sure that your contact details are displayed by each of your pages;
  • Make your website mobile-friendly – no matter what your geographical location, most of your potential customers are probably looking for online information via their mobile devices. Make sure that your website is responsive and it displays corrected on any platform.

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What Is A Marketing Plan?

Roofing Contractor Marketing Digital Marketing

Behind every successful marketing campaign there is a thorough marketing plan – here is an outline of what that plan should look like:

  • A roadmap for reaching out to potential customers – the development of a good marketing plan starts with the analysis of the company’s actual situation, followed by determining the goals to be achieved and selecting the method to be used for achieving them;
  • Defining your audience – to be able to speak to your audience in a convincing manner, you need to know exactly who you will be talking to. Try to create an accurate profile of your ideal buyer and figure out how to talk to that buyer in a convincing way;
  • Determine the strategies and the tactics – once you know what you want to achieve, it is time to find the tools. Determine what channels you want to advertise on, when is the best time to place your ads and also define whether you want simply to tell potential customers about your products and services or whether you want to reward them, too;
  • Implement and test – create and launch your ads based on the guidelines you have established for your campaign and monitor the results to make sure you marketing mix includes only tools that work.  Get started today, contact

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Why It’s Essential for Roofers to Invest In Digital Marketing

SEO For Roofers Digital Marketing Investing

Digital marketing is the ultimate marketing tool today, a tool that no business can afford to disregard. Most people today look for products and SEO for roofers services online, they order those products and service online and they pay for them online as well. While many roofers think that a practical profession like theirs cannot benefit from the virtual world, they are wrong – digital marketing holds as much potential for them as it does for other types of businesses. Here are some of tips about how to use this modern channel to your advantage:

  • Social media is cheap and very efficient – social networking platforms are currently considered to be the most efficient online advertising tools. Roofing businesses can use them to reach out to their audience directly, to establish personal contact with members of their target group and to establish themselves as a friendly, helpful and reliable brand. The price that roofers are required to pay for all these benefits is still small, especially compared to the costs of other, more traditional marketing channels, such as printed ads;
  • Pay per click will make you pay only when your ads get clicked on – this feature, plus the immediate measurability of success make PPC ads a powerful tool.

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How Pay Per Click Can Help Your Roofing Business

PPC Roofing SEO Steps Help Business

Pay per click advertising, that is, the solution of placing ads on the internet and paying for the placement only when the ads get clicked on by interested internet users, has been around for a long time and is still among the most efficient online marketing tools, one that can be successfully used by roofing businesses, too. Here is how:

  • Determine your budget carefully – while doing that, identify the maximum sum that you can spend on your pay per click campaign and the sum that you allocate for unforeseen situations and variables;
  • Permanently measure your results – one of the benefits of pay per click campaigns is that their effects are instantly measurable. Make sure to monitor the click through rate of your ads (the number of internet users who click on your ads), the conversion rates generated (the number of users who have actually become your customers) as well as the campaign’s quality score;
  • Research keywords – the relevance of the keywords that you use in your PPC ads will determine the price you pay for them as well the efficiency of the entire campaign, so make sure to use the right combination of words and also add terms specific for your location and the area that you want to service.  The steps taken in PPC and other roofing SEO steps are important to the effectiveness of building your clientele.

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How to Take Roofing Drone Videos for Social Media

Social Media Roofing Drone Videos

Drone photography and videography are marketing tools that are becoming increasingly popular these days and the affordability, combined with the wider availability of drones and the wider availability of professional drone photography services guarantee that the solution is here to stay. Here is how you can use it to the advantage of your roofing business for advertising on social media:

  • Use footages shot in great weather – a footage that features blue skies and sunshine is always more attractive than the ones shot in gloomy weather;
  • Use perspective and close images as well – whenever you want to shoot a footage of a roofing job that you have done (with the approval of the roof’s owner, of course), make sure to start from high up, showing the neighbourhood, then zoom gradually to bring the roof into focus;
  • Find out about the social media platform’s requirements in terms of quality and size – your drone might be able to record full-HD videos, but each of the social media platforms that you want to use has specific requirements about quality and they might not allow you to post HD videos, so make sure that you know exactly what resolution and other settings to use with your recordings.  For all your social media marketing needs stop by Roofing Contractor Marketing in Denver and let them help build your online presence to increase your company’s clientele.

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