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Is July the Right Time to Begin Marketing a Roofing Company?

The Time Is Now Roofing SEO Marketing Implement


A lot of experts will tell you that the end of summer and the beginning of fall is one of the best times for promoting your roofing company. Whether you’re a small roofer  trying to gain recognition, or you own a significant roofing company that has already established itself on the market, this fact holds true in all cases.


The thing about the period between August and November is that most homeowners have finished with their holidays and they begin preparing for winter. As a result, a lot of people tend to plan their home renovation projects for this period, and some even save up until that time in order to spend more money on projects involving fixing up their roofs or installing new gutters.


For roofers, promoting and marketing their services through a roofing SEO firm for this time is therefore very essential. Unfortunately, even with the best SEO and content marketing company at your side, you won’t really see huge results for your campaigns until a month or two after you started it. So the month of July is not only a good time, but pretty much the perfect period in which roofing contractors can promote themselves in order  to enjoy the best results coming from their marketing tactics right around the beginning of September.

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Should You Still Work on Your Sales and Advertising During the 4th of July?

Contractor Marketing Roofing Companies Advertising Sales

A lot of people prefer to go on a trip or spend time with their family on the 4th of July. So you would expect that not many will be willing to go out and buy something during this time. However, that’s not really reflecting of the reality of what is happening. A lot of homeowners, for instance, look for new homes to purchase during the 4th of July period, because they hope to get a better price. Similarly, there are many who have time off and prefer to spend much of it shopping for gifts and things they need around the house.


If you plan to interrupt your sales and advertising during the 4th of July, you should know that you’ll be passing up a golden opportunity of making a lot of money. Sellers who understand this fact are almost always able to create working deals and great marketing content that will help them sell more and promote their brand names.


As an entrepreneur, you will do well to use the 4th of July to your advantage and bring a smile to the face of many Americans who will appreciate your awesome products and services. So make sure you plan your advertising campaign early on so news of your business will reach even your busiest of clients.  Companies like can keep your advertising going strong.

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The Top Ways for Starting to Collect Your Leads as a Roofer

SEO Leads roofing business strategy


Roofers have a difficult time collecting leads in some cases, simply because the competition in their area is pretty fierce, and many less experienced or less established roofing professionals simply don’t get the chance to reach a larger audience.


One of the ways you can start finding more leads as a roofer is to set up your very own website. This approach is an excellent one since it enables you to not only increase your reach and reputation with SEO roofing strategies, but also to establish an entire brand and a spider web-like following that will just attract more and more people to itself over time.


You also have to be on social media, and you’ll need a blogging and/or SEO campaign to draw in more prospects and clients. The goal is to show people that you know your stuff. Post interesting, helpful and entertaining social media content about the main roofing issues and how to solve them, engage with your customers in the comments or by posting video responses to their questions, and use SEO to target local search results so that the people in your area can find your website and landing pages more easily.


The main idea should be not to create a robot-like method of sharing content, but to become more approachable to your audience. That way they’ll trust you more, and you’re also likely to get better reviews as people will view you as a friendly and helpful roofing expert.

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5 Things You Need to Have on Your Roofing Website

web traffice seo services links content for roofing

If you just set up a roofing website, you might wonder what you should add to it. Although you can include a lot of different things, the following points are generally known to be the most important ones that roofers promoting themselves online will need to consider:


  1. Put up specialty articles and content about roofing. Show that you’re a real boss in the industry, and help people solve their minor roofing issues in the process.
  2. Convey your links to all your major social media and video streaming accounts. If you have social media accounts, why not show them off? That way, people can follow you on their favorite accounts and get regular updates from you going straight to their phones.
  3. Set up on-site SEO. Search engine optimization and roofing SEO services will help you literally put your business on the map and attract a lot more leads through Google and other major search engines.
  4. Showcase your past work. This one is pretty straightforward: very few roofers are able to land good projects without offering references to their past successes.
  5. Include feedback forms and means for clients to get in touch with you. A good contact page goes a long way, but you can also go the extra mile to include a subscription form and enable the comment section to your blog area – if you have one. That way, people will be able to get in touch with you and ask you questions that you can answer, thereby showcasing your awesome knowledge as a roofer.

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Is Telemarketing Still a Good Marketing Method in 2021?

Maximize marketing seo method


A lot of people believe that, because of the advent of the internet and online marketing, alternative methods such as TV ads and telemarketing are gone from the map. However, that’s far from being true. TV ads are used heavily not just by large companies (as it may have been in the past) but by medium sized successful businesses as well. Telemarketing is still used by a lot of insurance agencies and retailers, and telemarketing campaigns can even be adapted to some smaller businesses, depending on the niches that they want to target.


Although telemarketing is more costly than having roofing SEO company and online marketing do the work, it does have a few advantages:


  1. Telemarketing is like a more direct and effective version of email marketing, and like email marketing, it has very real and substantial results.
  2. It plays into the emotional realm of selling. Telemarketing campaigns reach people directly and can often be used to convince them to realize that they need a product even if they didn’t know they did.
  3. With a telemarketing campaign you can reach specific demographics of people, rather than stumbling in the dark. This approach makes it possible to create highly targeted campaigns and reach only those people who are actually likely to take interest in and buy your products.

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