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What is a Google Ranking?

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If you have a website, you have surely wondered how Google decides where to display your website on the search engine results page, in other words, how Google awards the ranking that it awards to your website. The short answer is that the process is handled by Google’s algorithms and its PageRank system, an extremely complex and fast-acting system that starts working whenever an internet user enters a search term and that evaluates websites based on numerous criteria related to the search term.

Search queries being, in fact, short texts, one of the methods used by Google to select relevant results to be displayed to the user is through text-matching, that is, the process of finding the web pages that are relevant for the query. The system uses many other criteria to determine the quality of the contents on the websites it finds for the query – the originality of the content, the links pointing toward the website and many other factors are also taken into consideration.

Google’s ranking system uses not only very complex criteria for evaluation, but also lots of IT resources that allows the system to work extremely fast – the search engine will display an extensive list of results almost instantly after the internet user hits enter to start the query.  For a excellent SEO company visit

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What Your Internet Presence Says About You

Online Presence From SEO Company Roofing Industry

Your internet presence is practically your online face, it is the face that internet users will see, the face that they will use for forming their opinion about you. The idea can be easily transposed into the world of business – the image that you create and transmit through the internet to internet users will influence the decision of those users to turn to your company or to turn to one of your competitors. In this sense, the internet presence you create for your business will directly influence your sales figures through influencing the number of your customers.

Creating your company’s online presence is huge responsibility – a bad image can make or break a company –, but it is also a process that offers an immense range of opportunities. Knowing the products and the services that you offer, combined with in-depth knowledge regarding what your target audience expects of you and what can engage them allows you as a marketer to formulate your corporate message and your presentations in ways that resonate with the members of your audience, convincing them to use your products or services. The best way to establish your company’s online presence, to transmit your message and to reach out to your target audience is by creating and launching a company website or get in touch with a really good roofing SEO company to help.

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How To Get Your Roofing Company To Stand Out With Images

Standout With roofing marketing

People are visual beings, they process visual information better than text. This also means that the saying that an image can speak a thousand words is hundred percent true, especially in the case of roofing contractors, whose work is evaluated mainly but looking at the results. If you already have a roofing website and you are looking for efficient ways to use images for driving traffic toward your website and to attract new customers, here are some tips for you:

  • Get the image quality right – one of the most common mistakes that can ruin your efforts to make your business stand out through sharing images of your work is to use poor quality images. Always use pics of the highest quality and always test how they are displayed for your users;
  • Dedicate a separate page to your project pictures – allowing the visitors to your website to see your before and after pics in one place has a strong impact and is very convincing. It is recommended to combine your images with text, but let your pics speak for you;
  • Use your photos on social media – social media profiles are great for driving website traffic, so make the most of them by sharing your images via your company profiles.  For more on this see

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What Is a Google Algorithm?

Algorithm SEO Marketing Roofing Results

If you are currently in the process of creating and launching an online marketing campaign or stronger SEO for roofers and other businesses, you have probably encountered the term Google Algorithm already. Here are a few things that you should know about the term:

  • The definition – an algorithm is a set of rules written for performing a certain task;
  • How Google algorithm takes that definition one step further – Google uses an extremely complex and frequently changing algorithm to serve the purpose of making the results to the searches launched by internet users relevant. While Google does not make its algorithms public, what we know is that they order the hits on results pages based on the occurrence of the search term in strategic parts of website contents, such as the headers, they evaluate the number of organic links toward the site and they also assess how responsive the website is (how seamlessly it displays on mobile devices as well as on desktop computer screens).

The evaluation, though very complex, is performed by the search engine incredibly quickly. The algorithms are also changed quite frequently, that is why website rankings might also take very short to change, but they are always influenced by the quality of the contents published on websites.

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Managing Your SEO Strategy Is More Important Than You Think

Roofing SEO Marketing Contractor

Many business owners don’t see the advantage of investing in a powerful SEO strategy that could help them gain online leads. While they might be very good at conducting their businesses, they can be stuck in the old ways of seeing things, and they don’t really look at the massive potential that can be found in the use of online promotion tools.


In many cases, however, you’ll find that the creation of a good SEO strategy from firm’s like Roofing Contractor Marketing will be visibly seen on your bottom line. The number of clients and prospects will go up, and your business will have a far better level of popularity than most of your competitors.


Since a lot of people use online websites and mobile apps in order to shop, it’s also a good idea to get on social media and also find out about apps that could promote your business more effectively – such as retail apps that approve and promote sellers within a certain niche. When combined with a working SEO strategy, you’ll find that all these digital marketing methods will work even better than you might have suspected.


Managing your SEO strategy is far more important than you think, when considering your ongoing, long term success. If you value your company and would like to continue growing it and making it thrive, you’ll find that learning about search engine optimization and marketing will be entirely indispensable.

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