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Questions You Should Ask Your Marketing Agency Before Hiring Them

Ask The Right Questions Marketing Firm Help

Finding the perfect marketing partner, an agency that listens to you and understands your goals and preferences can be an overwhelming task and the quality of the services provided by your agency can make or break your marketing efforts. To make sure that the agency you are considering is the best for you, indeed, here are some topics to explore during the preliminary meetings:

  • The industries, markets and companies that the agency serves – each market and each industry poses specific challenges, so it is a good idea to work with an agency that has worked with companies in your industry segment. Make sure to find out whether the agency you are considering has the right type of track record;
  • Financial aspects –before you sign the contract with the agency, you need to know exactly what you will be paying for;
  • Reports and metrics – knowing how the agency measures the efficiency of the campaign implemented and how you will be kept informed about those measurements is also essential to be able to make an informed decision;
  • Problem management – a good agency has a protocol for handling complaints, so find out how they handle any negative criticism coming from your side.

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3 Ways You Can Improve Your Local SEO Rank

SEO Rank Roofing Services Ranking

If your business operates on a local level, rather than providing your services to nationwide or global audiences, your roofing SEO services efforts should also be concentrated locally. Fortunately, there are lots of great and easy ways to reach out to your local customer base – here are some:

  • Use a Google My Business account – the solution provided by Google to local businesses is free and offers you exactly what you need: more visibility on the search engine for local queries. The right account configuration will put your business automatically on Google Maps and will allow you to add your logo and to receive ratings from your customers;
  • Optimize your website for voice searches – the rapid development of smartphone functionalities is also changing the way we search for products and services, one of these changes being the growing popularity of voice searches. However, to tap into these possibilities, you need to make changes on your websites – people tend to use longer phrases for voice searches, so you should use more long-tail keywords on your site, too;
  • Make your website responsive – another change that has come with the development of mobile phones and that you should address, too is your website’s suitability for being accessed through mobile devices.

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Why Your Website Must be Mobile-Friendly

SEO Roofing Website Friendly

The number of internet users who are accessing the world wide web through mobile devices has been higher than the number of users who access the internet through desktop computers for years now. The trend being around for quite some time, it is likely to continue in the future, too, so here are a few reasons why redesigning your website to make it suitable for being used on mobile devices is essential for the success of your business:

  • Mobile phone users buy more – our mobile phones are always with us, they are convenient and of great help, wherever we are. Most mobile phone owners prefer to use their phones for shopping for goods as well as for services – to tap into that immense potential, you need to offer a website that loads quickly and displays perfectly on any device, especially on mobiles;
  • An investment into better website ranking – one of the features used by Google to evaluate websites is the ability to provide a great, cross-platform user experience. Utilizing the services of a roofing SEO company to make your website mobile friendly, you can improve the way it is viewed by the search engine, thus improving the site’s position on results pages;
  • Offering a superior user experience – not providing a responsive interface will quickly send your website visitors to your competitors who do offer the feature, so having a mobile-friendly website is essential for staying competitive.

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Why Your Website Must be Mobile-Friendly

RCM Mobile Friendly Users

Not having a mobile friendly website means missing out on lots of business opportunities – the websites that feature responsive design are more successful, they reach out to more people and are generally considered to be a token of the owner’s interest towards what customers need. Here is why mobile-friendly design is nowadays an essential feature of any good website:

  • People use their mobiles more than their desktop devices – your clients and customers will look for the type of products and services that you offer while they are on their mobile devices, either from home or on the go. Most of them say that they don’t spend more than a couple of seconds on websites that do not display correctly on their device – having to pinch to decrease size or to make your pages readable on their phone screens will make them look for a different provider or supplier, even if your products are superior;
  • Better ranking on search engine results pages – Google prefers the websites that work on mobile devices, too, and rewards responsive design with higher rankings. A better position on SERPs means more visibility for your website and with it, for your products or services as well.  Find out more from Roofing Contractor Marketing in Denver.

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The Basics of Reputation Management

Roofers Clients Reputation Management SEO Services

Reputation management is the process of learning about the opinions expressed by internet users about a business, institution, individual or organization and taking measures to drive public opinion about that entity in the desired direction.  It adds to the whole picture of SEO for roofers and other markets that strive to gain client satisfaction.

Whenever an internet user enters a search term into a search engine, the search engine will start running an assessment based on extremely complex sets of criteria to determine the order in which relevant websites appear on the results, one of the criteria being the ratings and opinions provided by internet users about the concerned businesses. These complex search engine algorithms will evidently place businesses with good ratings higher on the results page. Online reputation management is the strategy used by businesses to obtain the best possible ratings and to improve the public opinion related to a specific business.

There are lots of efficient strategic approaches to handle the process, the most common ones being responding directly to criticism as well as to praise, issuing official statements, either on the official business website or in online media to clarify a situation that has affected multiple customers. It is also a good idea and a common practice to monitor as much of what gets published about your company as possible.

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