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How To Stay Relevant As A Roofing Contractor On Social Media

Social networks can be especially helpful for businesses that want to grow through the rapid dissemination of information. The following tips will help you stay relevant as a roofing contractor on social media.

Consistency is the key

Actively using social networks as a way to grow your business requires investing a lot of time and effort. Most businesses have designated a responsible person or a roofing SEO company for online marketing to maintain the brand’s presence on social networks. Why? – Because social media never stops. Users are always logged in and scroll through the feeds by the hour. If you choose to participate in this kind of culture, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to participate actively, which means posting and creating content constantly.

Create sales connections

Social networks are an important environment to present your products and services. A great way to keep up is to include a link to your website in all your business profiles. This will provide users the ability to act on social media pages, in addition to appreciating, commenting on or sharing your posts.

Identify people with influence in your niche

Influencers on social networks are an important way to gain more exposure. Collaborating with an influencer can help you increase brand awareness and conversion rates.

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How To Amplify Your Direct Mail

how to promote direct mailings marketing

Content marketing consists of constant actions, which focus on building a company, services or products, visible through the number of references and mentions, due to the creation and constant supply of relevant and valuable content.

From the variety of content marketing strategies, social media networks are still at the top, followed by direct mailing.

Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies for lead generation. The use of marketing automation solutions allows companies to send targeted newsletters and emails to their leads.

To amplify your direct mail you need to focus on creating, publishing and distributing quality content that will interest your target group. This is helpful to increase customer loyalty to your brand, creating lasting relationships with them. The content in email marketing needs to be focused on exchanging valuable information and ensuring a quality UX.

Before creating email marketing content, there are several important things to do:

  • Specify a goal
  • Ensure clear writing and no mistakes
  • Create interesting content
  • Provide a great visual experience

The best way to amplify your direct mail is to run an efficient website of your business, where you will encourage your visitors to subscribe to your mailing list.  Sometimes it’s best to hire roofing SEO services to help promote your business to free up your time to focus on existing and new customers.


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Best Things To Say To Close More Leads Over The Phone

Sales Calling Lead Generation Roofing Contractor Young Man Professional

Selling over the phone is a very powerful and effective way to attract customers, if done right.

The first thing you need to do is to present yourself clearly and tell your interlocutor WHERE you have his number from. If you do not do this, you will be perceived as potentially spam/ aggressive and you will be treated with suspicion and mistrust.

The next step is to ask them about THEIR INTEREST in the products/ services you sell. If your interlocutor tells you that they are not interested and not even curious… DO NOT INSIST. They are not interested. There is no point in wasting your time with that person. Say thanks and move on to the next call.

When you find an interested person, the “secret” in selling them something over the phone is to find out exactly WHAT THEY WANT, after which to present your product in a way that perfectly fits their needs. You do not have to insist to change their mind. The easiest way to sell over the phone is to present your product as being exactly what the customer needs to satisfy their desire. For this, obviously, you need to know your products well.

DO NOT focus on selling immediately. The probability is VERY LITTLE to sell something on the first phone call. The main objective is to catch the customer’s interest, to make them believe that you have the product they need and to send them your offer. Then come back and try to sell or answer any question they might have.  Look to Roofing Contractor Marketing for more on lead generation for your company to increase sales.

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Helpful Tips In Generating More Roofing Leads Online

Roofers Lead Generation SEO Help

While traditional newsletters and emails are still important, the ability to collect more data about users and adapt strategies to their behavior through marketing automation software solutions has expanded roofing companies’ access to their potential clients. In short, marketing automation solutions are hybrid e-mail marketing tools that connect with Customer Relationship Manager Applications, a system that, for the majority of roofing companies, is a valuable source in determining the quality of their leads. It allows sending automatic emails to particularly appropriate leads.

Content marketing consists of constant actions, which focus on building a company, services or products, visible through the number of references and mentions, due to the creation and constant supply of relevant and valuable content.

From the variety of content marketing strategies, social media networks are now in the top, followed by:

  • Direct Mailing
  • Articles, case studies, reviews
  • Blog
  • Video content
  • Illustrations / pictures
  • Online presentations
  • Infographics
  • Webinar / Webcast
  • Research reports

Exceptional results from a lead generation perspective always come from experimenting with a wide range of tactics and combining them across multiple channels. Only through testing, a roofing company can assess which are the most effective ways to reach its target audience and which is the most appropriate way to use time and budget in order to achieve visible results, in the long term.  It’s best to hire SEO for roofers professionals to help with the lead generation process.

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How To Keep Your Crew Safe During Covid-19?

smiling happy employee seo services roofing company

The Coronavirus pandemic has surprised us all, with concerns in absolutely all important areas, which meet basic needs and desires that we used to be accustomed to satisfy very easily.

Now, we are afraid of an unprecedented situation, which we cannot control and to which we do not know how to react. We do not know what the future holds for us and how the things we are used to will change; we are also economically and professionally insecure. Especially in the case of the last aspect, companies such as a roofing SEO company can help their employees in this transition working from home. We are not doctors or epidemiologists, but any representative of a company can contribute to making the best decisions and keep the crew safe.

For example, in order to avoid congestion during rush hours, both from public transport and from the street or other public spaces, it is recommended to reorganize the work schedule, so that some employees travel to work before rush hours, while the others travel after these hours.

Changes can also be made at work: non-urgent internal meetings can be canceled or replaced by video conferencing, the lunch break can become flexible, workspaces can be rearranged to avoid overcrowding, and at least some traveling can be postponed.

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