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How Digital Marketing Can Complement Traditional Marketing for Roofers

Digital Marketing Roofing SEO Company Tools

Traditional marketing techniques of a roofing SEO company are still tools that are very popular among roofing companies, but adding digital marketing to time-tested off-line methods is an excellent, low-cost way to step up the efficiency of the campaign. Here are some tips for roofing companies about including online techniques to their marketing mix:

  • Use pay per click advertising – one of the most powerful and most cost-efficient digital advertising tools is pay per click, a method that places your ads in strategically important locations on the internet and requires you to pay only if the ad is clicked on by one of your potential customers;
  • Use social media – social media offers lots of great advertising tools that allow you to establish direct contact with your client base. Many of these tools can be used for free, while others are available for an affordable rate;
  • Use e-mail marketing – another great way to get your message through to the visitors of your website who have already expressed their interest in your products and services. The benefits of the tool are many, including retrievability (e-mails can be opened, read and re-read by the addressee any time) and shareability (your addressees can freely choose to forward the messages sent by you to other people interested in your products and services).

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What Features Make the Best Roofing Websites?

Roofing Contractor Marketing Website Management

The purpose of any company website is to attract visitors who are then converted into clients. Roofing company websites are no exceptions, so here are a few of the most important features to add to make your roofing website a successful and valuable digital asset:

  • Website speed and responsive design – nobody likes to wait for website pages to load, so making sure that your pages respond lightning-fast is essential. You also need to make your website on any platform, over desktop computers as well as on mobile devices;
  • Inspiring trust – credibility is another important feature that drives conversion and the best way to earn the trust of your audience is through testimonials and reviews added by your previous customers and through high-quality videos and photos taken on job sites as well as of completed projects;
  • Contact details – adding your contact details to each of your pages is a great way to save your visitors time and to make sure you are easy to get into touch with;
  • Add educational value – including a page on which you publish content that helps your visitors solve the most common minor roofing problems will establish you as a contractor who cares for his customers.

Professional roofing websites managed by professionals like are some of the best, in driving your business upward to success.

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Tips for Taking Great Roofing Photos for Social Media

Social Media SEO For Roofers Tips

The key to a successful campaign on social media is diversity – the best way to achieve your goals is by diversifying your posts, sharing not only texts, but visual materials as well. Quality is also essential in SEO for roofers, whatever you decide to share through your social media profile, so here is how take awesome pics of great advertising value for your social media profile:

  • The importance of quality – each social media platform has its own guidelines when it comes to the size, the type and the resolution of the images that you can post on your profile. For best results, make sure to find out and to respect those rules;
  • Make your photos varied – it is a good idea to post not only portfolio photos that show the work you have done for previous clients, but jobsite photos, behind the scene photos, even office photos as well. Diversifying your albums will bring you closer to your audience and will make it easier for potential clients to relate to you;
  • Always edit your photos – never share any content that you have not edited and curated beforehand. Check both the quality and the content and edit the pics if necessary – if you don’t have experience with image editor programs, find online apps that are free and easy to use.

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Creative Digital Marketing Ideas for Roofers

Roofing Contractor Digital Marketing Creative Ideas

If you are looking for a way to advertise your roofing company without cold calls and other, potentially awkward attempts to contact your client base, digital marketing from Roofing Contractor Marketing of Denver can prove to be the most efficient and most affordable tool that you can use. Here are some creative ideas to maximize the impact of your campaign:

  • Engage with your audience directly through social media – create an attractive profile for your company on a suitable social media platform and start posting content that is relevant and helpful for your potential clients to establish yourself as a friendly and knowledgeable expert;
  • Conduct live Q and A sessions through your social media profile – people faced with roofing problems will appreciate it;
  • Create a profile for your company on business directories and review websites as well;
  • Add a blog to your website and make sure you post regularly;
  • Offer extra services, such as roofing inspections, for free – it might seem that it is work done for free, but in fact it is a small investment of your time and energy into the success of your business. Make sure to announce the offer or the promotion on your website as well as on your other corporate profiles.

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Social Media Is an Under-Used Tool for Roofing Contractors

Tactics For Roofing SEO And Social Media Marketing

Many roofers tend to dismiss the inclusion of social media into their online marketing mix, saying that advertising on these platforms requires too much work, time and attention. While this is certainly true to some extent (to maintain efficiency, social media profiles need to be refreshed regularly with new content), the outstanding benefits of using social media along with roofing SEO tactics for advertising your roofing services surely outweigh the difficulties. Here are some tips for you leverage the perks of using social media profile for your company:

  • Create a plan – determine the goals that you want to achieve with your social media presence and come up with a schedule of when, how and on what channels you want to post. Find out about your target groups habits of using specific platforms and time your posts for when your content can reach out to the highest number of followers;
  • Use visual materials – pictures and videos make great posts, especially when you don’t have the time to write a lengthier post;
  • Post educative content and engage your audience directly – hosting a live questions and answers session is a great way to establish yourself as a roofer who is not only knowledgeable of his trade, but also willing to help others.


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