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Best Things To Say To Close More Leads Over The Phone

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Selling over the phone is a very powerful and effective way to attract customers, if done right.

The first thing you need to do is to present yourself clearly and tell your interlocutor WHERE you have his number from. If you do not do this, you will be perceived as potentially spam/ aggressive and you will be treated with suspicion and mistrust.

The next step is to ask them about THEIR INTEREST in the products/ services you sell. If your interlocutor tells you that they are not interested and not even curious… DO NOT INSIST. They are not interested. There is no point in wasting your time with that person. Say thanks and move on to the next call.

When you find an interested person, the “secret” in selling them something over the phone is to find out exactly WHAT THEY WANT, after which to present your product in a way that perfectly fits their needs. You do not have to insist to change their mind. The easiest way to sell over the phone is to present your product as being exactly what the customer needs to satisfy their desire. For this, obviously, you need to know your products well.

DO NOT focus on selling immediately. The probability is VERY LITTLE to sell something on the first phone call. The main objective is to catch the customer’s interest, to make them believe that you have the product they need and to send them your offer. Then come back and try to sell or answer any question they might have.  Look to Roofing Contractor Marketing for more on lead generation for your company to increase sales.

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