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Avoiding Problems with PPC Strategies for Promoting Your Roofing Business

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Google Ads can be a highly effective Pay Per Click online advertising platform for generating leads and sales for your roofing business, and its multitude of features, customization possibilities and campaign targeting options are just some of the reasons to recommend it.  However, what has led to its success is also what can limit the return on investment in such type of business promotion.

Sometimes default recommendations suggested by Google when setting up a campaign may turn out to be a costly mistake, so it would be better to avoid them.  There may be a conflict of interest here – your goal is to generate sales, while Google’s agenda is to get as many clicks as possible.  Additionally, some of the settings and optimization possibilities are so well hidden in your Google Ads account that it can be easy to miss them, and the time to learn about them all is also limited.

However, by attempting to avoid these following mistakes, you can get closer to your final goal – to attract the most qualified traffic to your website and to make your online promotion efforts as efficient as possible: too many keywords, too few landing pages,  insufficient use of ad extensions, using only one ad per ad group, using combined search & display campaigns, ignoring the addition of negative keywords, ignoring keyword match types, ignoring conversions by tracking in the Google ads account, or disorganized structure  of the Google ads account.  It’s time to think about effective marketing services with https://www.roofingcontractormarketing.com/.

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