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Are Ads on Yelp Different or Better Than the Ads Found on Google?

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When you have a business and you’d like to find the best ways to promote yourself, an ad campaign starts looking pretty attractive. However, with so many different types of ads available these days, you’ll have to be very careful about what types of ads you choose. Go with the wrong ad campaign and you can lose a lot of money without finding the right customers.


While Google ads have been seen for the long time to be some of the most popular types of ads on the internet, this isn’t necessarily true for every service. You have to consider the fact that Google is primarily a tool for people to perform online searches, and while some actually use Google to find a company such as your own or products like the ones you’re selling, most just look for information.


You’ve probably done Google searches on a certain topic and clicked by mistake on a PPC ad that sounded like it had something to do with your search. Every time an internet user does that, the company who posted the ad has to pay a small amount for that click.


With Yelp, the advertising model is different, and more importantly, it enables companies to find the right audience. Yelp is not the same as Google, and in many cases people actually go there looking for businesses and retailers to fit their needs. As a result, Yelp is actually a far better medium for online ads, and it can bring you a lot of revenue, if you learn to use it properly.  If you are lost for time, look to marketing professionals at https://roofingcontractormarketing.com/ who can create and manage the ads for you.

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