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How Algorithms are Affecting Your Bottom Line

Google's algorithms are deciding if people can find your roofing company's website.

Google and Facebook algorithms determine whether your business is easy to find online or lost in the internet abyss and that can affect your bottom line.

If you are a business owner in 2018 chances are your business is in some way represented online—whether it’s your website, a Facebook page, or a listing on Yelp. The digital era has captured us with a simple way of connecting people but also left us vulnerable to the powers that control it. Algorithms. 

Google and Facebook have the power to get your business in front of millions of people but they also have the power to make sure that no one online ever comes across your business. Their algorithms are the final judge.

It might seem unfair for Google and Facebook to have this kind of power but with nearly 5 billion web pages on the internet and the internet growing exponentially there needs to be a way for users to sort through all of the data. These algorithms help you connect to things that are actually relevant to what you are looking for.

Everyone loves a good cat video but if you typed, “roofing contractor near me” into Google and all that came back in the results were cat videos you would probably not use it to search for things much longer. So it is in Google’s best interest to provide its users with the most relevant content.

As technology has advanced, these algorithms have become more adept at producing exactly the content searchers are looking for. The flip-side of this is that means these algorithms are always changing. Which can be costly for business who are trying to get their site to people who are looking for them.

A business might be easy to find online one day but lost in the internet abyss the next. These changes might seem drastic but big business who have been penalized by Google algorithms have lost substantial amounts of web traffic.

While some companies try and beat the algorithms and may have temporary success, playing by the rules and staying on top of algorithm updates is the best way to ensure lasting success for your business.

Don’t let your website get lost in the internet abyss. If you are a roofing company owner who is looking for SEO that will bring lasting success with Google and Facebook’s algorithms, we can help your business succeed.

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