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5 Things You Need to Have on Your Roofing Website

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If you just set up a roofing website, you might wonder what you should add to it. Although you can include a lot of different things, the following points are generally known to be the most important ones that roofers promoting themselves online will need to consider:


  1. Put up specialty articles and content about roofing. Show that you’re a real boss in the industry, and help people solve their minor roofing issues in the process.
  2. Convey your links to all your major social media and video streaming accounts. If you have social media accounts, why not show them off? That way, people can follow you on their favorite accounts and get regular updates from you going straight to their phones.
  3. Set up on-site SEO. Search engine optimization and roofing SEO services will help you literally put your business on the map and attract a lot more leads through Google and other major search engines.
  4. Showcase your past work. This one is pretty straightforward: very few roofers are able to land good projects without offering references to their past successes.
  5. Include feedback forms and means for clients to get in touch with you. A good contact page goes a long way, but you can also go the extra mile to include a subscription form and enable the comment section to your blog area – if you have one. That way, people will be able to get in touch with you and ask you questions that you can answer, thereby showcasing your awesome knowledge as a roofer.
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