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4 Roofing Marketing Tips for the Effective Use of Google Ads

4 Tips SEO Roofing Marketing Strategy Help

Google Ads can be an amazing tool for mostly any kind of business. That is due to the fact that, as far as search engines are concerned, Google is the leader of the market, having more than 75% share. Although there are many ways in which roofers can generate qualified leads, Google Ads remains the best one of them.

Google Ads offers a kind of platform which is intention-based, in the sense that your roofing business is presented to the property owners who have to either install a new roof, or repair an already-existing one.

Because a roofer only needs to replace a roof after two or three decades, this means that by presenting your business to the target public when they most need it is actually the latest technological tool you can possibly use.

Here are 4 SEO roofing and marketing tips that can make your use of Google Ads more effective:

  1. Use call-only ads –this refers to advertisements which can only be used in order to make phone calls.
  2. Create a unique advertisement copy text –this can be used to explain why you stand out from the crowd.
  3. Keep tracking your ad conversion rates.
  4. Properly structure your Google Ads Campaign.
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