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3 Ways You Can Improve Your Local SEO Rank

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If your business operates on a local level, rather than providing your services to nationwide or global audiences, your roofing SEO services efforts should also be concentrated locally. Fortunately, there are lots of great and easy ways to reach out to your local customer base – here are some:

  • Use a Google My Business account – the solution provided by Google to local businesses is free and offers you exactly what you need: more visibility on the search engine for local queries. The right account configuration will put your business automatically on Google Maps and will allow you to add your logo and to receive ratings from your customers;
  • Optimize your website for voice searches – the rapid development of smartphone functionalities is also changing the way we search for products and services, one of these changes being the growing popularity of voice searches. However, to tap into these possibilities, you need to make changes on your websites – people tend to use longer phrases for voice searches, so you should use more long-tail keywords on your site, too;
  • Make your website responsive – another change that has come with the development of mobile phones and that you should address, too is your website’s suitability for being accessed through mobile devices.
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