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3 Tips for Optimizing Your Use of Facebook and Google Ads to Promote Your Roofing Company

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In the right hands, Facebook and Google ads can become a remarkably effective tool for promoting local businesses such as your own roofing company. The following strategies are often recommended by experts who know a lot about how these platforms work and how they can help local business owners improve their online exposure and find more local customers:


  1. One effective strategy for using Google and Facebook ads together would be to use Facebook to trigger winning brand searches and then close the deal with your Google ads. This tactic has a lot going for it due to the socially complex nature of the Facebook algorithm and the result-oriented searches that Google offers its users.
  2. Use organic keywords in Facebook ad headlines and target specific locations in your Google ads. Making Google ads more assertive is a big part of this approach, and you’ll find that it can work even when you use Google and Facebook ads independently, just as well as using them together.
  3. Target people who are actually seeking to find roofing solutions, such as how to fix their roofs or what type of roofing products to buy. When you add this active approach to your keyword research, you’ll be able to greatly enhance your Google and Facebook ads, preparing them for efficient conversion. You will no longer have to worry that your leads will never become actual customers.  Firms such as https://www.roofingcontractormarketing.com/ can help in promoting your business effectively.
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