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3 Creative Roofing Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

Roofing Marketing Ideas Grow Your Business

Do you have a local roofing business that you want to take to the next level?  Looking for simple online roofing marketing ideas that offer optimal results? Here they are:


  1. Promotion through Google My Business

The Google platform provides you with several promotional tools for free, and Google My Business is one of them.

Complete your profile with a description of your business and the products/ services you offer. Make sure you mention the county/ city/ neighborhood where you have a physical location to highlight the area you can serve the fastest. Also, do not forget to fill in your website’s phone number and address.

If you have a business with multiple locations, make a presence in Google My Business for each location.


  1. Promotion through social media

Facebook and Instagram remain the most powerful channels for promoting a business, regardless of the niche.

Offer a detailed description of your business, and do not forget to fill in the location. Use landing pages as well as social media groups for your benefit. Use hashtags when making posts, and create some specific to your brand. Identify influencers/micro-influencers that you can involve in your marketing campaigns.


  1. Promotion through Google Ads

Although you have some possibilities of free advertising (Google My Business), it is advisable also to test the Google Ads and make unique campaigns for your location.

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